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Sunday, June 24, 2007


A few have suggested that my deletion of some posts (usually theirs) and not others are a form of censorship. Let me put these people’s minds to rest; I never censor any posts.

However, when someone comes to my blog, drops his daks and craps on the floor I will, with one click of the mouse button, clear up the mess before anyone comes along and accidentally puts their foot in it thereby spreading it around the place.

Occasionally I’ll leave some garbage out to decompose naturally. For example, some extreme right-wing garbage will be left out for a while so that their stupidity can get full exposure. Eventually I’ll get around to clearing these little messes up as well. Occasionally I instantly clean up some messes because they are of no value whatsoever, or sometimes because I simply feel like it. Others get left a bit because I’ve been busy doing other things and haven’t noticed the mess yet.

Some have argued that this is denial of free speech. If it were ‘speech’ that was being left here then it would stay here but unfortunately what these people claim is ‘speech’ is actually crap and it needs clearing up just as one would have to clear up after a puppy dog with an upset tum that didn’t quite make it to the dirt box in time. Delusional liars and assorted deceivers fall into that category.

Others have suggested that as an academic I should be more respectful and tolerant of those with opinions that differ from mine.


First off, just because I’m doing a PhD doesn’t make me an academic. I’m doing a PhD because I can, that’s all. I’m coming up to 60 so I can assure you it’s not a career move! I have other degrees, most of which were done for the fun of learning. I am no longer an academic! And once this degree is finished I’ll move on and do maybe do another one. Second, let me make it quite clear that I have absolutely no problem at all in calling the right-wing all the names under the sun and making ad hominen attacks upon them. I have no time whatsoever for racists of any description, warmongers, liars and deceivers, invaders and pillagers, or those that support them.

Why did I have a spray at Tim Blair? Simple; because he is a warmongering fascist and racist that supports liars and deceivers, invaders and pillagers, simple as that.

All of the dirty little messes left behind will be cleaned up soon – including the ones that result from this post!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, Damian, but I reckon you should preserve the comments as fascinating artefacts of group behaviour. Could be valuable in future to students of mass psychology.

Anonymous said...

I mean to say, there are other blogs that have experienced similar episodes of what I call 'The Charming'.

A Charming occurs when the Muftim sends his blairbots on such raids as happened to your post.

Together, these 'Charmed' blogs constitute a rich seam of material for study of aggregate behaviour.

Anyway, you've got better things to be doing, surely, than sorting gnat poop from pepper.

Damian Lataan said...

You've been reading my mind Jacob. There's no way I'll delete them forever! I have in mind an article examining and analysing styles and variations in extreme right-wing blog commentary. I'm planning a break before completing the write-up of my thesis. This may keep me occupied.
You may have just talked me in to keeping them up.

richard mcenroe said...

Sorry, Dami, you're a liar and a censor, with no regard for anyone's freedom of speech save your imagined right not to be argued with.

Anonymous said...

What did you find offensive about my comments Damian?

-- Nora

RebeccaH said...

Let me put these people’s minds to rest; I never censor any posts.

And yet, that's exactly what you've done. This is a classic example of someone who tries to make clear language mean something other than what it actually says. Lenin would have loved you.

In stating your opinion that Blairites are nothing but racist fascists, deceivers, and liars, you've condemned a segment of humanity as less human than yourself because they have opinions different from yours. Are you then totalitarian, harshly judgmental, convinced of your own superiority, a supporter of Islamic fundamentalism, in short: a fascist in your own right? And do you have the courage to allow this post to stand, or are you afraid of our opinions of you?

Darrin Hodges said...

"Why did I have a spray at Tim Blair? Simple; because he is a warmongering fascist and racist that supports liars and deceivers, invaders and pillagers, simple as that."

oh, are you saying that Blair is a supporter of these guys?

Anonymous said...

"Why did I have a spray at Tim Blair? Simple; because he is a warmongering fascist and racist that supports liars and deceivers, invaders and pillagers, simple as that."

And geez, for a PhD you need to brush up on English syntax.

People are 'who', things are 'that'.

/pet grammatical hate

-- Nora

Damian Lataan said...

Darrin Hodges, of course Blair supports the Israelis. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Oh while you're here Damian, can you please tell me what has offended you about my contribution to your blog.

Kind Regards,

Damian Lataan said...

Nora, I'm well aware of the fact that 'who' are people and that 'that' are things; it's exactly why I used the word.
Some at Blair's blog refer to me as 'it'; I thought it fitting that I respond likewise.
Try not to be such a know-all smart-arse when trying to belittle your political foe - it rarely works and you invariably end up simply making a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

1. Please explain to me how I could be expected to divine that you might know the difference between 'who' and 'that'?

I can only go by the evidence of your own words which gave no indication that your pejorative use of the word that was deliberate.

2. Please be so kind as to answer my original question.

-- Nora

Damian Lataan said...

Nora, I couldn't care less about how you were expected to know. I'm simply not interested.
I'm never kind to the right-wing Nora so I won't be answering your questions.
Craig, as you can see I have deleted the pile of crap that you have left here. I don't debate with proven delusional liars such as you.

Anonymous said...

I'm never kind to the right-wing Nora so I won't be answering your questions.

Why? Have I said something to upset you?

-- Nora

Damian Lataan said...

Nora, this: "And geez, for a PhD you need to brush up on English syntax", isn't so much annoying, it's just petty and so typical of the right-wing reaction generally - if all else fails, attempt belittlement. Or, alternatively, as in most cases, go striaght to belittlement.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like John Howard is well on his way to winning a fifth term. Us 'extreme right-wing fascists' will be thinking of you on election night Damien.

Anonymous said...

You're upset that I called you on a pet peeve of mine - the misuse of 'who' and 'that'?

Really? Is that it?

But that still doesn't go anywhere near answering the question - which of my comments made on your blog last week has upset you so?

-- Nora

Damian Lataan said...

With people dumb and gormless enough to give themselves names like 'Monaro' to vote with its hardly surprising that the people can be fooled into voting for the liar Howard yet again.
If Howard gets in, it will be because of his lies and people like you that are dumb and gullible enough to fall for them.

Damian Lataan said...

Nora, first off, there was no misuse of the word; only your inability to accept that it can be used in other ways and in other contexts.
Second, I really couldn't give a toss about your 'pet peeves', and, finally, I've already told you I won't be answering your questions.
Don't waste your time posting here again unless you have something constructive to say. Anything else will be deleted from now on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nora, its his bat and ball and he can take it home whenever he likes.

Anonymous said...


You do realise that a Rudd government will keep HECS, mandatory detention, the anti-terror laws and funding to private schools while continuing Howard’s recent measures in the Northern Territory and failing to reinstate ATSIC.

It may even crack down on welfare in a manner that a conservative government would not be in a position to do.

In fact every bete noire of the gauche caviar, all the reasons you claim to hate Howard, will live on during a Labor government.

Most galling of all must be the fact that a Rudd government won’t be sending those of us who disagree with the 'wisdom' of Damian Lataan to the gulag.

Either way we win.

So tell me Damian, have you tried not being insane?

Damian Lataan said...

At least you've managed to spell my name correctly 'Monaro'.
Rudd as far as I'm concerned is still on the wrong side of center - though still a damn sight better than that lying warmongering toerag that you support.

Unknown said...

The Nora Charles who claimed in the other thread that she'd been studying Islam for "half a decade"?

Must be a slow reader Nora. You don't seem to have got past the pretty design on the cover.

Do you really expect kudos for such obvious lies?