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Thursday, June 14, 2007


The Western media would have us believe that the fighting in the Gaza between Fatah and Hamas is merely a battle for control of the Gaza; and, at a very superficial level, there is some truth in this. However, there are aspects of the fighting which the mainstream media are not telling us in an effort to portray the fighting as something that has escalated solely because of differences between Fatah and Hamas domestic politics.

Such a notion could not be further from the truth.

In January 2006 Hamas became the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people having won 76 out of the 132 seats available, a clear overall majority which in any normal democratic system would have allowed them to govern in their own right. However, despite this, the Israelis and the US refused to accept them as the legitimate government of the Palestinians and have made every effort to diminish the ability of Hamas to govern by cutting off funds and arresting their leaders.

In March of this year, Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah President, appointed the corrupt Gaza warlord, Mohammad Dahlan, to head Fatah security. Recently, Elliot Abrams, the extreme right-wing neoconservative Deputy National Security Advisor and pro-Zionist Israeli expansionist, has been supplying arms and money to Dahlan with which to fight Hamas. It now seems that the money and the arms have not been well spent; Hamas now dominate in the Gaza after several weeks of sporadic fighting.

Hamas is an organisation dedicated to restoring Palestinian sovereignty; an anathema to the right-wing Zionists who seek to expand Israel into the West Bank, the Gaza and southern Lebanon, and to maintain their hold on the Golan Heights.

It is the Israeli’s aim to tighten their grip on the Gaza to such an extent that Palestinians will want to leave. Of course, once the Gaza has been laid waste by continued attacks and aggression from the IDF and the continued fighting between Hamas and Fatah fighters who are using the Gaza as a battleground, the Israelis will move back in claiming that the Gaza has been all but abandoned. The Gazan Palestinians are already applying to leave to head off to wherever they can away from the fighting, the grinding poverty and daily deterioration of life generally in the Gaza.

This is nothing less than ethnic cleansing. Once completed in the Gaza, the West Bank will have the screws that are already making life intolerable there tightened even further.

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