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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Tim Blair, Australian extreme right-wing fascist/racist commentator, blogger, conspiracy theorist (he actually believes the US government’s conspiracy theory!) and host to equally extreme right-wing warmongers, Islamaphobes, right-wing Israeli Loony Lobbyists, right-wing Zionist supporters, and other assorted liars, deceivers and thugs, in short, the ugly face of anti-Islamic right-wing extremism in Australia, got short thrift on national TV earlier this week when ABCs Media Watch exposed the Tim Blair site for what it is – a disgusting example of the extreme right-wing racism that prevails in Australia.

Tim Blair’s response to Media Watch’s expose of the disgusting racist comments that Blair actively encourages and supports at his hate site was predictable. He snivels when he finds out that other editors were contacted by Media Watch’s editor, Tim Palmer, but he wasn’t, and then goes on to have a blast at Palmer about some incident in 2002 when Palmer caught Blair out in a deceit and threatened to sue. Blair conceded and apologised; fear of a big legal bill was his pathetic excuse.

The usual bunch of loony racist shills that roost at Blair’s Lair came out in support; Paco, El Cid who was featured in the Media Watch piece, and a small menagerie of other regulars including the proven liar, pseudo-intellectual and wannabe academic Dylan Kissane. The comments of some of these lunatics need to be seen to be believed.

The more often these people are exposed for what they really are on the mainstream media TV the better.


Since this piece has been posted, the flock of right-wing loonies that normally roost in contented flocks at Tim Blair’s hate site, fly off like a bunch of captive homing pigeons released for a little exercise to come to this site to deposit their droppings before heading back to their roost for a bit of self satisfied gloating.

Just take a look at the comments to see what I mean.

So predictable.

It seems that some of those commenting are labouring under the illusion that racism is just about blood and biology; it isn’t. There is also another racism, one that is even more prevalent than that of blood and biology and that is the racism of religion and culture. It's the kind of racism that most of those that have commented here indulge in.


For the really dumb among the right-wing that either can’t cope with the idea that they are racist or are simply too thick to comprehend the concept of the new racism of religion and culture content only to quote definitions from some ancient dictionary, give this site a whirl or page 39, para. 2, of this UK report – you may actually learn something!


Anonymous said...

Is this a parody?

-Mystery Meat

Andrew Landeryou said...

Is Fruit Loop the officially endorsed breakfast cereal of this blog?

Just curious.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Islam is a cult, not a race.

Anonymous said...

Well, you at least spelled fascist correctly. Maybe next time you crack open the dictionary you can read all those other words to the right of the bold-faced word. That's the definition part. It might come in handy.

Anonymous said...

We commenters at Blair's have objections to certain behaviors, including (but not limited to) suicide bombing, general bombing of uninvolved people, female circumcision, and the taking of shrieking offense at the normal processes of Western society. We object to those behaviors whether the perpertrator is Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Islamic, or (as in your case) Imbecilic.

People who are currently perpetrating such behaviors are going to be criticised. Live with it, asshole.


Anonymous said...

Dear sir:

I am a frequent reader and occasional commenter at Mr. Blair's site. You described me and my fellows as "extreme right-wing warmongers, Islamaphobes, right-wing Israeli Loony Lobbyists, right-wing Zionist supporters, and other assorted liars, deceivers and thugs."

I should point out to you that that description is inaccurate. You forgot to mention that many of us are Christians, and many others Jews. We are also, by and large, capitalists, automobile drivers, and enthusiastic embracers of new technology. Many of us are parents and grandparents as well, which I think would be referred to in your circles as "breeders." We are also, a reasonably honest lot, though prone to hyperbole and general smartassery; and so far as I know, none of us has been convicted of assault or crimes of dishonesty.

Please attempt to be more complete in your descriptions in the future. You might also want to work on developing a sense of humor, and on discerning the difference between a political or ideological opponent and a mortal enemy.


"Baby M"

MES said...

Do you ghost-write for Catherine Deveney?

Ash said...

C'mon Damian. Surely you could tell the truth?

The lines quoted on Media Watch were jokes. It's a shame that a gentleman of such good character as yourself missed that.

This blog is far worse than anything put up at Appalling, considering it's moderated just like Media Watch would like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,
I'm also a reader and commenter at Tim Blair's blog. I'm not going to respond angrily to your anger, I just want to say two things.
Firstly, Islam is an ideology - a set of beliefs - not a race. To disagree with it or its followers is no more racist than disagreeing with, or hating, communism or capitalism.
Secondly, in regards to conspiracy theories, it has become pretty clear that there are lots of people conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against America and its interests. Bali, London, Madrid, New York. These events aren't fiction, they happened- and even if you buy the whole "CIA was behind it" conspiracy theory, everyone agrees that these things were done with the support and approval of followers of the Islamic ideology.
Feel free to rant some more.
I know you're wrong, so I won't take offence.

Anonymous said...

Hey, bozo...if this gets through. Fuck Off! You do know what that means, correct, you leftist pissant, sissy boy...even if you are, a boy that is.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, fuckwit


Anonymous said...

Arguments aren't won with name calling. Other than seeing you spew bile and inaccuracies, I can't figure out what you're trying to say. Answer point by point and maybe you'll win some respect.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, fuckwit

Anonymous said...

Ooops, Sorry.

Nice post, fuckhead!


Latino said...

You're a dick.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You just got a bunch of hits.

Pity it's from people who think you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. It must be past time for our dose of methadone.

Your mother must be really proud.

RebeccaH said...

Honestly, Damian, you need to cool off. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? You should sit down, put your feet up, have a brew, things will look a lot less dire.

And by the way, some of us right-wing, anti-Islamic, pro-Zionist, thugs and killers aren't Australian. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Kill the infidel Jew Pig!! The Jew smells really bad - like goats!! I hate the Jews!!!

Anonymous said...

EXPOSED!! look at the commenter above! Damian Laatan is a racist anti-semite/fascist whatever because someone published that comment on his blog!!

Anonymous said...

We mainstream types only appear to YOU to be extreme right wing because you are looking at us through your high power multicultural binoculars from the far side of liberal-pussy land.

Those post-modern goggles should have a little sticker on the lens saying "rational people seen through this political viewpoint may appear to be more threatening than the suicide bomber standing next to you"

I somehow imagine you to have an iPod with "Imagine" on an endless loop....

Anonymous said...

extreme right-wing racism that prevails in Australia.

Simple logical question. Can something be both "extreme" and "prevalent"? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

You're an Aeronautical Engineer?
Educated, and yet you write ignorant puke like this?
I think you're a bullshitter as well.

I read several of your posts, and mate, you're nutso.

Your blog title should read,
'Telling the history of the 21st century as it appears to me when I'm not taking my medication.'

Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is that many of Blairs commentors are American, not Australians.

In America we can say whatever we want without looking over our shoulders. This is a genetic adaption that came about because our shoulders are so big that they are hard to look over.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, in America we have our share of drooling kooks spouting surreal gibberish, too.

Anonymous said...

1984 must be your favourite book

Anonymous said...

Don't you Blairites realise Damian is going to delete all of these comments? The guy cannot handle criticism at all. He prefers to live in his anti-semitic world where hating America is always right and Israel is always wrong.

Anonymous said...

Delicious irony these comments have provided. Absolutely delicious. It is sad to think that these Blairites miss all thses little amusing moments in life.

Haven't read your blog before but if you can achieve such opprobrium from the wingnuts, you're alright by me. KUTGW.


neo-Zionoid said...

Yet another example of the Right thinking the Left are misguided and poking fun at them, closely followed by the Left thinking the Right are evil.

The Left never seem to be satisfied with a difference of opinion. Or using humour.

Relax and try have a bit of fun without the demonisation, Damian.

Anonymous said...

Tell me whose planes you work on. I will make a point of not flying with them. Someone as stupid as you should not be responsible for peoples safety.

Anonymous said...

You cannot be rascist for criticising Islam. It is a religion you idiot. It contains members of probably all races on the planet. Or are you actually the rascist one, thinking that all Muslims are Arabs? Shame on you!

Brian Smaller

Anonymous said...

Good lord, when did the ABC become "mainstream" media?

Its a taxpayer funded commie collective.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've hit a nerve with the blairbots, Damian.


Anonymous said...

lol!!! Really, now... who's behind this parody? Paco? Wronwright? Grimmy? El Cid?

Anonymous said...

Jacob?...Did you know your nic, OR real name, is Jewish?

If you didn't, when the Left in Oz, puts a yellow star on you, enjoy the train ride.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, it sounds as if that Media Watch piece actually gave you an orgasm. I'm sure they have a treatment for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aeronautical/caring guy,
Please show you really care by providing us with a list of all the aircraft you have designed/helped design/worked on, so we can avoid flying on them.

Anonymous said...

El, you obviously don't know anything about Australia.

But what about this tiff that Blair's having with Palmer? He beats it up like an omelette for you guys, and the blairbot feeding frenzy begins!

If you look at that post that originally caused all the trouble between Blair and Palmer, Blair starts out doubting the veracity of Palmer's quote, with oblique hints of fabrication.

In further updates, he ferrets out a possible source, but "Some questions remain; we may be dealing with translation issues here..."

In the final update, source identified, then the "craven" apology. No mention of legal threats, though.

Now we have poor widdle Tim B claiming he was SILENCED!!! by Palmer. LOL!

Very sad, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey I like your name!

I think what you are saying is complete rubbish but I don't think you should be censored (or censured). Carrying all this hate around all day is going to make you sick. Go and get your blood pressure checked and have a good lie down. (oh and stop listening to the voices...)

Anonymous said...

haha so sad

Anonymous said...

So you're rewriting dictionary definitions now - you are a busy boy.

Racism can only be one thing.

Ill-feeling against a culture and/or a religion is another thing entirely - and racism ain't it.

And having ill-feeling against a religion (Islam) and culture (Wahabbism) which has been behind for the vast majority the world's terror attacks since World War Two, should be considered understandable, if not downright reasonable.

It demonstrates a paucity of understanding of the human condition if you:

a. Don't understand black humour when you read it.

b. Take perverse delight in others people unfairly treated (in this case Tim Blair by Media Watch).

c. Think any criticism of groups outside one's own cultural, racial, religious and socio-economic grouping is wrong.

Splatters said...

Damian, thanks for the post. It was pure shite but it generated some great comments.

I have never seen Tim Blair beclown himself the way you have done here, although you will no doubt receive accolades from the devotees of the islamic death cult.

Anonymous said...

Mate, get over it.

Three definitions of racism are:

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

I don't see anything in there about religion. Arguments about the merits of different religions are usually termed "religious differences".

Racism is hating someone because of how they were born.

Not liking someone because of their religious beliefs is generally derived from the holder of those beliefs acting like a fuckwit. Note that I don't hate all muslims - I just hate those that care to prance around acting like fuckwits. I also dislike Christians and Jews and Budhists that do the same. It's just that most of the fuckwitism in the world today seems to derive from Islam. Ten years ago, we were more worried about the wackos were in Waco.

Wake up and smell the difference between racism and fuckwitism.

Anonymous said...

"....racism of religion and culture"

That has got to be the idiot quote of the century.

What other types of racism are there?

Racism of ideology?
Racism of fashion choice?
Racism of sporting teams you support?

Anonymous said...


well-posed questions tend to have well-defined answers.

thus from :

racism: n
1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2. racial prejudice or discrimination

but why ensure a discussion on well-defined terms when your rhetoric simply expresses your ire?

richard mcenroe said...

I'm confused.

Is it the goy blackfellas or the heathen sandmonkeys we're supposed to be racist against.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad blog, but only 25% of the way to Joe Viall's standard.

You need to lift your game. We need to hear more about the Top Secret Israeli micro nuke terror program based out of Pyongyang.


Anonymous said...


This will likely be my first and last comment on this blog.

I've never forgotten the incredibly depraved statement you made, two years ago, on Webdiary that the detonation of a WMD in an American or Western city is all right with you.

You seriously need some help.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the new racism. Of course!

Darned inconvient dictionaries - trying put a definition to words - it's positively patronising. Damn patricarchy.

Having found one new PC definition of racism doesn't trump the actual meaning of the word as my previous comment contents.

But, fine your blog, your definition. So I only have one thing to say to you - RACIST!!

If you wish to lump us together as 'neo-cons' it could be argued that it is a culture and all the mean things you've said in your post is tantamount to racism.

Also by this new definition the typical leftie anti-Americanism is racism of the first order.

Or would you try to argue differently?

-- Nora

Anonymous said...

Racism => Rac-ism => Race-ism... get it asshole??

thr said...

If Islam didn't exist, it would be necessary for Tim Bleh to invent it, as the 'journalist' and his clique of paranoid sycophants have little else to write about.

If El Cid's comments were applied to Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Zoroastrians, everybody would agree that they constituted bigotry.
If Muslims made the same comments about another religion, Tim Bleh would most likely have a post on his site about it, to highlight the nefarious nature of Islam's 'ideology'.

Bigotry is bigotry, whether directed at a race, creed, gender or sexual preference.
It is one of life's great ironies that the semi-retarded defenders of teh West who've commented here are about as 'enlightened' as the anti-semites at Hamas. They're just barracking for a different team.

Anonymous said...

A 59 year old, aeronautial engineer, anti semite, PhD student & historian.
This blog is obvoiusly a piss take, please stop.

Anonymous said...

Well happy revolutionary you've said nasty things about us.

By Lataan's definition - you're a racist.

-- Nora

PS - Just a couple of questions.

1. What is your definition of bigotry?

2. Why do you think it is wrong to be intolerant of a culture that supports the oppression of women, endorses slavery, shows a propensity to violence for any minor offence and whose adherents have stated that they want to commit genocide?

thr said...

Nora, the comments on Blair's site that were highlighted by Media Watch related to Australian Muslims.
I think everybody is in agreement that the laws and customs of Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, etc. are abhorrent.
As far as Australian Muslims go - I've met plenty, and I'm yet to encounter a single one who supports genocide, or who is inciting violence against the West. On the other hand, Bleh's would-be brownshirts are quite happy to villify and demonise the Muslims.
These degenerate freaks are the same sort of scum who would have been revelling in anti-Semitism circa 1930's Germany. They've found a new target in the 21st Century. That doesn't make them right.

Anonymous said...

Racism of . . . culture.

Does this mean all Ford drivers aren't complete dickheads??? I never realised how racist I was until now. Thanks for the new definition.

By the way dropkick - you missed the fact that a lot of serving and ex-military and law enforcement types lurk in the Blair pit. if you are going to go hurling left wing abuse then you shouldn't leave out the good old military industrial complex you half arsed numpty.

If you come to Perth in the future, please make sure you advertise it so we can greet you appropriately. Did I mention the SAS are based in Perth??


Anonymous said...

Razor, as a Ford driver I demand an apology - you racist.


But seriously, to Happy Revolutionary, thank you for your thoughtful reply but I must respectfully disagree with you.

While some of the language might be seen in grandma's circle as 'colourful', it is no more inciteful than wishing somebody (or a group of people) would 'drop dead' or 'go to hell'.

And I'm sure you'd agree that Tim Blair's commenters use language much less perjorative than that used in left-wing circles to describe Americans (George W Bush in particular), political conservatives and Christians.

It might be fair accuse some of Tim Blair's commenters of bad manners or improper etiquette, it hardly warrants the Nazi/fascist slander.

Anonymous said...

Palmer didn't ask Blair for a response because Blair never responds to media requests. He's refused a number of interviews with newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald for starters, and refused to appear on SBS's talk show. But he loves all the attention he gets. Don't you Tim?

His readers worship him like a cult god, and the vast majority of them are neocon Americans, full of hate and intolerance.

thr said...

Blair and his followers consistently single out one group (Muslims) to demonise.
I have no problems with colourful language, but don't you think a remark calling Islam 'poison' (among others on Media Watch) is a bit beyond bad manners? If someone made similar comments about gays, Jews, Blacks, women, or any other group, would you be equally willing to write it off as bad etiquette?
I don't take the fascist reference lightly. If, like me, you regard Nazi Germany as the worst crime ever perpetrated on humanity, why on earth would you encourage the same style of thinking in the 21st Century? Even if your ideological enemies engage in this sort of thinking, this is no justification.
What the hell is acheived by Blair's propaganda campaigns against Australian Muslims?

Anonymous said...

This site is some of the most brilliant satire I have ever read. I've never seen the Left so effectively parodied.

Sir, I salute you. Genius.

Evangelion-Melbourne said...

Hi all,
actually, I think this guy's onto something..... I would be delighted if this many people read and commented on my blog :)

Maybe I need to blog like a demented lefty looser to get some attention?


Anonymous said...

Happy Revolutionary,
I've studied Islam for more than half a decade and I am quite adamant about this point:

Islam is poison.

Now, your average Muslim, as individuals, are lovely, hospitable people but unfortunately when you study Qu'ranic texts closely, the religion itself is horrible and hateful.

Sadly, as the religion is taught, many Muslims (that is the ones who would talk to non-Muslims), are spoonfed only the most palatable parts.

That's why the more devout the Muslim the more 'extreme' (to Western thought) their beliefs appear to be.

Incidents of cab drivers refusing to pick up passengers who are carrying alcohol or are accompanied by guide dogs is an example of the beginning radicalisation.

BTW - take a look at Ask An Imam - for its fatwas.

Gibbo said...

Blair and his followers consistently single out one group (Muslims) to demonise.

Not true... try this version for a bit more accuracy:

Blair and his followers consistently single out one group (Idiots) to demonise.

Splatters said...

Happy Revolutionary - don't you think a remark calling Islam 'poison' (among others on Media Watch) is a bit beyond bad manners?

No, it is fair comment, and in the opinion of many, obviously true.

If, like me, you regard Nazi Germany as the worst crime ever perpetrated on humanity,

Clearly the leftists Stalin and Mao were worse than the leftist Hitler.

What the hell is acheived by Blair's propaganda campaigns against Australian Muslims?

The fact is many people have concerns about islam, which are quite understandable given the violent nature of many of its practitioners. Even in Australia we have had to put up with the erratic anti-semitic behaviour of Thick Sheik Hilali. The goal of the left seems to be to silence all critical commentary.

Still leftists have never been big on free speech, have they?

thr said...

Even if Blair's bile is shared by a supposed majority, it doesn't make it bile any the less.

Blair and his gaggle of attack dogs spit their venom at every muslim they can find, under the banner of free speech, and cry foul when other people use the same free speech to call out their pathetic behaviour.

I posted my own thoughts on the matter here:

Incidentally, from a Melbourne perspective, Hilaly doesn't represent any muslim apart from Hilaly.

Anonymous said...

You are a first-class wanker and a fuckwit to boot

Splatters said...

The fact is Sharia Law is a crime against humanity. The religious doctrines that give rise to its principles like killing gays, disciplining your wife and generally treating women as inferior are in fact poison.

The more people who are prepared to question islam, to get it to face up to the modern world, the better.

Take the Danish cartoon crisis - fairly normal cartoons and all of a sudden riots around the world with over a hundred dead. Who are the savages here? What kind of poison caused these people to think they should dictate free speech laws in Denmark?

And now we have the Rushdie incident. What kind of poison caused a Pakistani parliamentarian to say that suicide bombing was an appropriate response to Rushdie's knighthood?

The left can't see the elephant in the room, and seems more interested in playing in the elephant's dung.

Anonymous said...

Damien, let me give you a hint.

If you don't want to devalue the term "racist" to the point where it becomes a 'nothing' word, don't try to stretch its meaning to matters that don't relate to it. Keep it focused on the original meaning.

If you start flinging it around like confetti, soon no one will take any notice of it. Being called a racist will have no more bite than being acused of being a jaywalker.

Anonymous said...

Hang on Happy Revolutionary!

You: "If, like me, you regard Nazi Germany as the worst crime ever perpetrated on humanity...". Well, yes I agree it's one of the worst if we put Stalin & Mao in that space too.

Then you say: "...why on earth would you encourage the same style of thinking in the 21st Century?".

You've lost me!

So let me get this straight. Demonising an ideology that wants to kill me, is the same as demonising/killing an entire race for no apparent reason?

Sorry, my history must be a little fuzzy. Can you please remind me about the Jews who blew up innocent Germans because I don't seem to recall anything about this being the catalyst for the Nazi's Final Solution. (Note: I am not advocating another Final Solution here).

You: "These degenerate freaks are the same sort of scum who would have been revelling in anti-Semitism circa 1930's Germany. They've found a new target in the 21st Century. That doesn't make them right."

Listen. Muslims are a target for abuse because they kill innocents and want to destroy my way of life. I reserve the right to detest anyone or any ideology that hates me for no apparent reason.

Just because you haven't met an Aussie Muslim who supports genocide, or who is inciting violence against the West doesn't mean they don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great Blog! I haven't laughed this much in YEARS!

Keep up the good work, man! Comedy/Parody Blogs are way to few and far between these day!

And what the world needs right now is a good chuckle!

God (the God of the Bible) Bless You!

Jack Lacton said...

Who are the racists? The right that doesn't see colour or race in its decisions or the left whose policies are well meaning but let down those they're meant to support?

The tragedy in Australia's outback Aboriginal communities belongs 100% to leftist do-gooders.

thr said...

Look at it this way, Cal.

A very small minority of Muslims around the world conform to your stereotype ('they want to kill us'). You use this fact to justify the abuse they receive.

Let's look at Nazi Germany again. The Nazis perpetuated various anti-Semitic stereotypes as a basis for their racism. Does it therefore make sense to take all of their claims at face value, and evaluate the evidence to see if some Jews really do fit the stereotype? And if you find a Jew to fit the stereotype, does that justify everything?
The point that I am making is that no amount of supposed 'evidence' will justify the abuse to which the Blairites subject Muslims. Bigotry has nothing to do with its object, and everything to do with the bigot.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, Damian :)

Anonymous said...

Lataan, it is you that is "racist" and "extremist". You are so far out to the left that almost all opinion seems to you as "racist" and "extremist".

Anonymous said...

If it's "racist" to criticise Islam, then Islam is a race, then the Arab Muslims I lived with in Amman are the same race as the Asian Muslims I lived with in Kota Kinibalu, right?

Anonymous said...

It isn't interesting that on an article condemning Tim Blair for his "racism" and "support of conspiracy theories", this site should have so many of both? I mean take Media Watch's main complaint - unmoderated racist comments. I see that this blog allows posters to accuse Israelis of wanting to murder all Arabs. Undeleted. In a thread on how the Israeli economy was feeling the pressure of high-tech Lebanese exports and so they blew up all the competing businesses. This is based on the usual "friend of a friend I met in the pub" level of evidence. Come on Damien. You can do better.

Verdun is nice though. Enjoying the apples?

Anonymous said...

Wow, five right-wings in the first sentence. That's as far as I got before I got bored. Buh-bye.

Anonymous said...

what kind of fucking name is damian lattan....oh yeah its a raghead name

Anonymous said...

I thought Damien's rant was ignorant, poorly thought out, and self-negating. Then I read this:

A very small minority of Muslims around the world conform to your stereotype ('they want to kill us').

That explains all the vocal opposition to terrorism among the world's Islamic peoples. Oh, there isn't any to speak of? And even among American Muslims, more than a quarter support terrorism in "defense" of Islam?

Never mind.

Wait, one more thing: Socialism, not Nazism, is the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity. Nazis did their best to be the world's biggest historical assholes, but they can't compete with 100 million corpses in the 20th century alone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lataan

You are mid-term in your candidature for a PhD that seeks to analyse neo-conservatism in the aftermath of 911. At the same time, you publish commentary on neo-conservatism in the aftermath of 911 at a personal web log.

As a candidate for the degree of PhD, you are required by university regulations to alert and obtain permission from the Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (SBREC) for any research that is social in its focus.

Have you obtained such permission with regard to commentary on your web log rearding Tim Blair? Have you obtained such permission with regard to numerous comments posted on your web log rearding Tim Blair's post?

I would like to propose that your web log commentary on Tim Blair constitutes research for your PhD.

If so, the SBREC's Ethical Guidelines for Social and Behavioural Research provide some useful guidelines:

"Before any approach is made to potential participants or the commencement of collection of
any data, staff and students who intend to undertake any research project involving human
subjects must obtain approval from the appropriate University ethics committee."

Have you obtained such permission?

The same document goes on to say the following:

"Researchers have ethical and legal responsibilities towards their subjects and should
therefore observe the following principles:

Integrity, Respect for Persons, Beneficence and Justice

1. The guiding value for researches is integrity, which is expressed in a commitment to
the search for knowledge, to recognised principles of research conduct and in the
honest and ethical conduct of research and dissemination and communication of

2. The researcher must have respect for persons, expressed as regard for the welfare,
rights, beliefs, perceptions, customs and cultural heritage, both individual and
collective, of persons involved in research.

3. Researchers have a responsibility to minimise risks or harm or discomfort to

4. The research protocol must be designed to ensure that respect for the dignity and well
being of the participants takes precedence over the expected benefits to research

Are you comporting yourself in the public arena in such a way?

I strongly advise you to go and read this document, which is the full version from which the above quotes are lifted.

A failure to do so, or to alter your public commentary and collection of data for your PhD research, will result in an unsuitable outcome, I'm sure.

Should you have any questions, you can direct them to Sandy Huxtable on (08) 8201 5962, or email:

That a PhD student and recipient of a university medal at Flinders is deeply disappointing.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous above, you almost sound like you know what you are talking about; such a pity that you actually don't.

Anonymous said...

Truly hilarious rabid responses with all the usual antirational accusations against THULEFT!

My my, these historians count Hitler as a leftist, no doubt forget that Pol Pot was legitimized by the US, ignore the Spanish American war, the Shah of Iran, Pinochet, gloss over the Central American massacres etc etc etc And never will they admit that more people have died under American assault than all the others combined. I suppose they've failed to notice that GWB's unitary executive maneuverings are those of a dictator and America has become a state whose government is totally dominated by corporativism, which is a polite way of saying fascism.

How quaint, but should they be taken seriously?

Hardly, but it doesn't bode well for winning back our prior moves toward liberal democracy. 'Twas a nice idea though.

I blame Bob Hawke for letting the zionists into the ALP personally.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad my friend. Tim Blair is equally racist against Anglo-Australians. Although it is more cryptic (wants to keep them fightin Arabs, you know..). Take this "in-house" grab he recently highlighted from one "Spiny Norman."

' "Sheesh," writes Spiny Norman'.

For those who don't know, "Sheesh", from "shiksa," is a jewish term of abuse for christian women. It means slut. Hey, there is even a movie called Shiksa, you can pay to see!

Anonymous said...

The riff-raff congregate in numbers, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Mr Lataan

It's not for either you or me to decide whether I know what I'm talking about. Let's leave it to the university, shall we?

I give you due notice that I am hereby lodging a formal complaint to the SBREC over your lack of research ethics. Copies of my complaint will be sent to Professors Don De Bats and John Browett.

I suggest you have a closer read of the SBREC's Ethical Guidelines for Social and Behavioural Research.

Damian Lataan said...

Do whatever you like o nameless, gutless wonder; the PhD is all but finished and Tim Blair has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Officious little troll, eh what?

Damian Lataan said...

There's always one Jacob... Occasionally there's two!

Anonymous said...

This is a fake blog, probably by Tim Blair him self. When did muslims become a RACE???

Damian Lataan said...

Once more for the totally dumb; I'm talking about the racism of religion and culture as well as the racism of blood and biology.

Read the post moron; learn something!

Brian said...

This post is hilarious! You covered every leftist point perfectly. If I didn't read Tim Blair every day, I would have actually believed he was a hate monger.

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, it looks like you successfully irritated the 'oafish and infantile' and I do appreciate that. Keep on ...

... oh, and it may be time to remind them about the story of Hellfire 'anti-amour' missile Lot No. MG188J315-534 and the certainly not amoured ambulance full of refugee children.

Damian Lataan said...

These people have totally closed minds Craig. It would be a complete and utter waste of time explaining anything to them. The best that we can do is simply point out that these people exist and expose them for the oafish and infantile lunatics that they are – which was the purpose of this exercise in the first place. They are totally predictable and utterly incapable of even attempting to make any intellectual justification for their stance. Just mindless hate.

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, I noticed today that some fools elsewhere think the story of Hellfire 'anti-armour' missile Lot No. MG188J315-534 has something to do with the Gaza Beach incident last year.

Obviously they have no idea and no interest in learning that the IDF should be as scrutinized as any other occupying force in the world.

If these blatantly biased bastards should look into what happened near UN Checkpoint 1-23 (which is near the Lebanese village of Mansouri hundreds of kms from Gaza)then they'd learn the story of MG188J315-534 and what the IDF pilot who fired it at an ambulance in 1996 did to a 2 month old girl, 9 year old and 5 year old brothers, and an 11 year old girl and her 60 year old aunt.

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, further to my earlier comment today, it may be that the fools were talking about what a SPIKE fired by an IDF drone did to ambulances 782 and 777 outside the Qana memorial. That was about ten years after fragments of Hellfire 'anti-armour' missile Lot No. MG188J315-534 were found by a Swedish officer following the 1996 murder of two women and four children from Mansouri as I've described. Shows how much those fools 'know'.

Damian Lataan said...

Craig, the Zionists of Israel and their allies have a lot of warcrimes to answer for - warcrimes that go back to at least 1948 when they started the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, Damian, it is a long list:

Salha Mosque Massacre in 1948
Houla Massacre #1 in 1949
Houla Massacre #2 in 1967
Hanin Massacre on Nov 26, 1967
Yareen Massacre in 1974
Aitaroun Massacre on May 17, 1975
Bint Jbeil Massacre in 1976
Al-Ouzaii Massacre in 1978
Rashaya Massacre in 1978
Kawneen Massacre in 1978
Adloun Massacre in 1978
Al-Abbasiyeh Massacre in 1978
Khiam Massacre in 1978
Sabra and Shatila Massacres in 1982
Sohmor Massacre in 1984
Bier al-Abed Massacre in 1985
Iqleem al-Toffah Massacre in 1985
Aitaroun Massacre in 1989
Mansouri Ambulance Massacre (as I've mentioned) on Apr 13, 1996
Nabatiyeh Massacre on Apr 18, 1996
Qana Massacre #1 on Apr 18, 1996

And then there's the list twice as long just for the July to August 1996 period ...

And post-96 the list goes on.

Damian Lataan said...

A comprehensive list Craig; thanks for that. I hope bloggers will bear that list in mind and use it to research the details of these atrocities.
Have you read Illan Pappe's book 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine'?

Anonymous said...

G'day Damian, I've not (as yet) read Ilan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, but I understand it is a must read for anyone (whether Israeli, Palestinian, or otherwise) who is genuinely interested in a well-founded understanding of the situation. I'll have read it before the year's out.