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Friday, June 08, 2007


For those who occasionally visit here from Webdiary (and elsewhere) and are wondering what David Roffey, the new head honcho there, refused to publish in response to yet another load of rhetoric and propaganda from Chris Parsons, here it is in its entirety:


I wonder how the Iranian President is going to ‘wipe Israeli off the map’ C. Parsons.
You see, the geo-political reality is, and this is with total disregard to the rhetoric and propaganda (R&P) of either side, Iran is posturing the way it does because it feels threatened by the US and to a lesser extent Israel. Reality: Bush has called Iraq, Iran and N. Korea an ‘Axis of Evil’. Reality: Iran then witnesses Bush change regime in Iraq, indeed, ‘wipe the Iraqi regime from the map’ (to us a metaphor you like so much in your R&P, for that is all it is).
Reality: The right-wing Zionists of Israel, supported by the neoconservatives in the US who wield influence in the Republican Party and the Bush administration, wish to create a Greater Israel that includes the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and even possibly the south of Lebanon up to the Litani River (as they attempted to do last year).
Reality: the only nation stopping the right-wing Zionists achieving its ambitions of a Greater Israel is Iran. How? Iran supports Hizbollah that defends south Lebanon from the Israelis and also supports Hamas as they resist Israeli aggression in the occupied territories. Iran also assists Syria who also supports Hizbollah and Hamas. How to redress this problem? Easy. Get the US to get rid of the Iranian threat to Israeli aspirations. How? Wind up the R&P accusing Iran of wanting to ‘wipe Israel of the map’ with its non-existent ‘nuclear weapons’. Once the present Iranian ‘regime’ is out the way and replaced with a nice submissive and compliant government acceptable to the US and Israel, Syria will quickly capitulate and, so it is then hoped, Hizbollah and Hamas resistance will then collapse leaving the right-wing Zionists a free hand to realise its dream of a Greater Israel.
Reality: All the chatter about what Ahmadinejad has and hasn’t said is just R&P. Even if he said ‘wipe Israel of the map’ there is no means by which he could do that. Despite all the R&P about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons the reality is; Iran doesn’t have any. A further reality is, despite the R&P, is that there is no evidence of Iran seeking nuclear weapons. It’s all just R&P just like Bush’s R&P leading up to the invasion and plundering of Iraq which has left some 600,000-700,000 people dead, mostly killed by the US and their allies (despite the R&P) and another 4 million displaced and seeking refuge because their country has been utterly destroyed.
Ahmadinejad can carry on with all the R&P he wants and you can carry on with all the R&P you want to counter his R&P but for all of that the geo-political reality doesn’t change – Iran doesn’t have the means to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, the right-wing Zionists are only using R&P against Iran in order to further their own political interests in relation to their dream of a Greater Israel. They think because the R&P worked against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who was supporting the Palestinian cause against the Israelis, that it will work again against Iran. The reality is it won’t.
If the US is dumb enough to try and attack Iran, and if they’re dumb enough to believe that the Iraqi people were going to welcome the US and their allies as ‘liberators’ when they invaded Iraq then they might just try it, then the world is going to be in a serious mess. Iran will retaliate.
Reality: Israel must withdraw entirely from all of the territories it occupies and return to behind the 1967 line. It must withdraw all of its settlements which are on real estate that isn’t theirs. They must tear down the wall. They must accept sharing their land with others that they displaced in occupying it.
There will be no peace until this happens. The peoples of the world must understand the reality and make peace happen. The R&P that you espouse will only perpetuate the violence and killing.

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