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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It seems the right-wing at Australia’s Webdiary have done it again! This time Margo Kingston herself has forced one of Webdiary’s most articulate commentators, Roslyn Ross, from its pages through the most blatantly discriminatory of expediencies of limiting Ross’ – and only Ross’ – posts to 500 words. Ross, quite rightly, believes that this is intolerable censorship and has decided to withdraw from further debate there.

Roslyn Ross argued strongly against Israeli and US aggression in all of the countries that Israel and the US have attacked and occupied together with the Israelis on-going ethnic cleansing in the Gaza and West Bank. In the past Kingston has buckled to Australian pro-Zionist pressure, which has included death threats, (which her brother Hamish Alcorn has been caught lying about in the past) and it would seem that there is no reason to believe that Kingston has not done so once again given that the objections are said to be about “…relentless hostility towards Israel and Jews in particular, and her ceaseless hackneyed anti-American tirades.”[1]

The Webdiary site is now dominated by free-lance Israeli Loony Lobbyists like the Islamaphobes Chris Parsons, Geoff Pahoff and Mike Lyvers, the pseudo-academic deceiver and liar Will Howard, the ignoramus and blatantly fascist Jay White and a handful of other assorted right-wing lunatics who use the site to push their warmongering paranoid and Islamaphobic ideas on to an ever decreasing audience that have now begun to wake up to these people’s insanity.

Margo Kingston’s Webdiary was once a great place for lively debate about what goes on in this world – until it was taken over by the right-wing lunatics who support the madness that is now the Middle East. So much for Margo Kingston’s ‘liberalism’. She’s joined the ranks of John Howard’s ‘Support Bush and right-wing Zionist Israel at all costs’ brigade.

What a great shame. I wonder if Kingston will ever come clean and tell us the truth behind her censoring of comments on Webdiary.

[1] Roslyn Ross, ‘It is written… enough is enough’, Webdiary comment, 16 January 2007. Available online: Accessed 16 January 2007.


Anonymous said...

Not related to your current topic, but I thought you might be interested. So much for free speech within the Liberal party

Dirty tricks and political payback on their own side note the dates

Damian Lataan said...

It would be interesting to know who dropped that one on Annabel Stafford.

People: playthings for power politicians. As you say, so much for free speech.

So much for democracy.

Anonymous said...

From a guy who deletes comments that he doesn't like, talk of free speech is a bit rich.

Anonymous said...

Aww C'mon Damian.

It wasn't so much what RR said , it was HOW she said it.

I like to think of myself as impartial and objective, but even she got up my nose Damiam.

Her patronising condescending manner really annoys the hell out of people.

Look , I don't always agree with what you say.. But there is no pussyfooting around with you. No patronising, or condescension.

In essence, I guess Damian, I just have no respect for the woman.

And look she was not banned from WD. Gosh if she can't say it in 500 words... well ....the prolixity is her problem.

She did go on and nauseum

On a lighter not, how is the flying going?
Been to any interesting places lately?

Anonymous said...

Btw was extremely disappointed to miss the Red Bull Air Races.

Family commitments, prevented me from attending.

According to a friend, though it was an awesome display! *sigh*

Damian Lataan said...

The best place for garbage is in the garbage bin.

If you want to spin garbage then do it on your own site or elsewhere - you're quite free to do so; it's what free speech is about.

If you think free speech is about writing anonymous garbage and putting it anywhere you like then you are seriously deluded.

Kathy, you missed a lot of fun at the Red Bull Air Races though the day of the races itself was very chaotic for the spectators - it was crowded and the public transport system (which was all you could use to get to the best viewing areas) was overwhelmed. The flying however, was spectacular - talking of which I shall be off flying shortly for some fun up the river and maybe along the Coorong.

As for Roslyn Ross; it's not so much about Roslyn Ross but more about what she says. She's left wing and the rightwing don't like her; it's as simple as that. She's a bit like a left-wing version of Will Howard, picky and pedantic, which, of course, is why they got up each others noses so much.

Anonymous said...

"If you think free speech is about writing anonymous garbage and putting it anywhere you like then you are seriously deluded."

I don't think this what free speech is about.

I believe, though, that if you are a believer in free speech you should allow your ideas to be debated on your site. Why would you be scared of comments on your site? Surely if you are so sure in your position there is nothing someone could put in a comment that you could not defeat with a rhetorical parry?

Of course people can post on their own site - but why are you so afraid of your ideas being questioned here?

Damian Lataan said...

I have no interest whatsoever in 'debating' anything with fascists, neoconservatives and right-wing Zionists.

Free speech is one thing; lies and deceit are something else. The lies of the neoconservatives and their supporters have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. You and your fascist/neoconservative comrades have nothing to offer the world.

Post your lies and deceit elswhere. This blog exists to expose you and your lies and to debate ways of building a better world - not destroying it.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, why not expose their lies in your comment threads?

Why delete their comments as if they did not exist?

Damian Lataan said...

The lies are exposed in my posts. I have no intention of wasting any time in debate or discussion about liars comments.

Damian Lataan said...

Between my last comment and this one there was another. I have since deleted it since it was a time waster and offered nothing useful to a debate that discusses ways of building a better world than the one the neocons of the US is trying to force down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Damian

It’s interesting to read, via your blog, the latest episode in the Web Diary saga and its slow descent into conformist mediocrity.

As you’ll recall, I was banned from contributing to Web Diary a year or so ago, so my comments could be construed as sour grapes.

It's true I miss contact with a few of the individuals who posted/post there, yourself included. On the other hand, not having to wade through poorly-written, war-mongering, sectarian filth from prats such as C Parsons and Geoff Pahoff is all upside.

My main feeling about Web Diary is regret.

It's sad that a new initiative, that presented itself as an attempt to set up a truly independent, authentically Australian web forum to discuss the important issues of the day, has been successfully torpedoed by Zionists.

This is, of course, not the first time such a thing has happened... there's a long, sorry history of this kind of bullying over many decades in many places.

Some time back, Margo & co had to make a choice. Would Web Diary take up issues mainstream media avoid - or swim with the mainstream?

By opting for the latter course, Web Diary has doubtless secured a more comfortable life for the Web Diary crew. (I wonder, Margo and Hamish, have those death threats you used to complain about stopped? I trust they have, now you've proved so accommodating to the demands of the "VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE" you mentioned! If not, feel cheated!)

Unfortunately, buckling under to the unaccountable influence of “VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE” makes for a dull forum. Web Diary has become an 'alternative' medium with consciously imposed blind spots - topics that can't be discussed and verities that can't be questioned.

Curiosity about these boundaries is not welcome. The impulse to question authority is discouraged. Conformity is preferred over rationality.

Web Diary now has more in common with the values of Medieval Popes (and Rabbis) than the tradition of the Enlightenment. Apparently 'The Age of Reason' is past tense only for these folk.

At Web Diary, certain questions may not be asked. Examples are critical questions about the official version of 9-11, the 7/7 London bombings or World War 2. These topics may be discussed - as long as one pays homage to the official version of events. What kind of 'debate' is that?

Is this 'Patron Power' at work?

Ah well... Zionist bullies have had their way again.

Yet another space for open discussion wrecked by their obnoxious determination to force their view of the world on others and suppress competing paradigms.

Given that ALL Australian mass media is already 'friendly territory' for Zionist voices, one wonders why they find it so important to intimidate the fringe as well?

They couldn't, by any chance, have things of real import to hide?