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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dylan Kissane, an Australian neocon living in France recently wrote: “International solutions to national problems are not, for me, an effective way to deal with such crimes.”[1] (Kissane was referring to the crimes that Saddam Hussein had recently been executed.)

I challenged this piece of gross hypocrisy by pointing out to him that, contrary to this assertion, he had indeed supported the invasion of Iraq as part of an international solution to the national problem of Saddam's crimes.

His response was typical of neocons caught out spouting hypocrisy – lie your way out of it. He said: “He [Saddam] was (and Iraq under his leadership was) an international threat. As such, it is not hypocritical to support an international solution to an international problem.”

I pointed out that this was a lie, stating what is by now the obvious string of lies that had been used by the neocons as an excuse to attack Iraq including there having been no WMDs and Saddam having had nothing to do with al Qaeda or the events of 911.

Kissane’s response, compounding his already gross hypocrisy, was this:

“There are lots of things that Saddam had nothing to do with and I believe - as you do - that 9/11 and al Qaeda are some of them. He was, however, involved in supporting the families of homicidal terrorists in Palestine and had used WMD in the past. He also had a history of aggression with attacks on Iran, Kuwait and Israel all occurring while he was in charge.”

Kissane ignores entirely the fact that the only ‘homicidal terrorists’ in Palestine are the ones dressed in Israeli uniforms murdering innocent Palestinians – these are the Israeli soldiers of the same army that really does have secret WMDs including nuclear weapons. Indeed, Saddam Hussein, whose crimes I must state, I do not condone, far from supporting the families of the ‘homicidal terrorists’, was supporting the families of those Palestinians who were fighting back against those ‘homicidal terrorists’.

Compounding his hypocrisy even more, Kissane also neglects to mention the many, many aggressive wars waged by the US and Israel over the years, particularly those against Iraq itself and Afghanistan by the Americans, and Lebanon and the Gaza by Israel.

More hypocrisy and more lies from Kissane; all typical hallmarks of neocons and right-wing Israeli Zionists around the world.

[1] Dylan Kissane, comment at, 3 January 2007. Available online:

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