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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


There has been a massive amount of energy expended by neoconservatives within the US, the world-wide Israeli Lobby, Israel itself and among neocon commentators embedded within the world’s mainstream media to try and con the world into believing that Iran is about to produce a nuclear bomb that it will use against Israel.

However, despite the expenditure of all this energy, there is still absolutely no evidence whatsoever that gets anywhere near substantiating the neocons claims. Even the IAEA can’t come up with any evidence.

Back in mid 2003 inspectors found a tiny trace of highly enriched bomb grade uranium in Iran.[1] The neocons jumped up and down saying they’d found the ‘smoking gun’ of Irans intentions of pursuing nuclear weapons.[2] It turns out that the tiny trace that was found was actually just a speck of contamination that came into the country on a piece of nuclear equipment that had been imported from Pakistan.[3] This didn’t make any difference to the neocons who continued to demonise the Iranians peaceful nuclear ambitions which is to enrich uranium to sufficient levels where it can be used for the production of electrical power. In November of 2003 the neocons continued their propaganda feast. The neocon senior editor of the neoconservative’s mainstay journal, Commentary, Gabriel Schoenfeld, wrote: “In late August and again in late September, IAEA inspections turned up traces of uranium on equipment in supposedly non-nuclear facilities, leading the agency to conclude that an illicit enrichment program was under way. Commented ElBaradei: "This worries us greatly."”[4] The neocons and the right-wing Israeli Zionists have been feeding on this ever since – despite there being nothing to actually chew on.

Schoenfeld’s piece, entitled ‘The Terror Ahead’, is also interesting for some of its other remarks; remarks that emphasise the neocons penchant for arrogance and hypocrisy. At one point Schoenfeld writes: “Among the countries trading with North Korea is Iran, a country likewise governed by violent fanatics, of the Islamic rather than the Marxist-Leninist stripe.”[5] Schoenfeld ignores entirely that other nation in the Middle East governed by violent fanatics of the right-wing Zionist stripe rather than the Islamic or Marxist-Leninist stripe; Israel, is a nation that indeed does have nuclear weapons and now, apparently, seems ready to use them.

So what is it about Iran that the Israelis hate so much that they are prepared to risk a Middle East nuclear holocaust in order to ensure regime change there? Israel knows as well as the rest of the world that, despite the outrageous lies and propaganda designed purely and solely for the consumption of the dumb and gullible in the West, that Iran has no nuclear weapons; so why Iran? Why not Pakistan? Now there’s an Islamic nation that does have nuclear weapons yet Israel seems undisturbed by this.

At the moment Pakistan is not a threat to Israel – at least not while Musharraf is still in charge. But the reason Iran is perceived by Israel as a threat is, not because of any non-existent nuclear ambitions, but because of Iran’s support of those that resist Israel’s long-term Greater Israel ambitions in the Gaza, the West Bank, southern Lebanon and its continued occupation of the Golan Heights; that is to say Irans support of Hamas and Hizbollah. Naturally, Israel can’t just come right out and say ‘Iran under its present leadership is thwarting our expansionist ambitions so therefore we want regime change’, so instead it has come up with the same sort of lies and propaganda that they used to get the US, UK, Australia and a few other sucked in nations to get rid of that other monkey on the back of Israel’s regional ambitions, Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein who was supporting the Palestinians in their resistance to Israeli aggression. It worked then but one wonders what makes the Israelis think that the world is going to get sucked in again!

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