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Saturday, January 12, 2013


A few months ago, panic struck neoconservatives, right-wing Zionists, and especially Benjamin Netanyahu, were telling the world that in a few months time Iran will have a bomb which they will then use against Israel unless the US and the rest of the world attacked Iran right away.

Despite the rhetoric, there were no takers. The West and Obama kind of sort of agreed that Iran needed to be watched carefully but didn’t think attacking Iran just yet would be a very good idea on account of the upcoming US presidential elections. Netanyahu jumped up and down and made childish empty threats about attacking Iran unilaterally – something he knew very well he couldn’t possibly do.

Then everything went quiet on the ‘Let’s bomb Iran right now!’ front while Obama and Romney spent billions of dollars promoting themselves for election. Then Netanyahu announced an Israeli election which he seems set to win. But, what with all the hoop-la of the US elections and the forthcoming Israeli elections, the idea that Iran was only months away from having a bomb seems to have been forgotten entirely. You can bet your boots, however, that just as soon as the Israeli elections are over and Netanyahu doesn’t have to worry too much about Israeli politics, he and his new Zionist mates in his new government that seems set to be even far more to the right than ever before will soon be screaming about Iran’s bomb once again.

Well, surely it must be ready by now, right?

Happy New Year?


Anonymous said...

Oh ! that Proudly Captain Dreadful Netanyahu -
Bad boy of the region -
Jimmy Dean move over -
Israel is center stage for The Greatest Showman -
Just make noise & the whole world has to look / OR ELSE.
There isn't any chance that the captain would lite the fuse himself, desperate for attention ?

Happy new year back at you man !

Damian Lataan said...

"There isn't any chance that the captain would lite the fuse himself, desperate for attention ?"

A disticnt possibility! He knows that if he did, Obama would almost certainly come to his aid - he wouldn't like it, but he would feel he had no other option.

An interesting year ahead of us.