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Thursday, January 31, 2013


For years I have been writing saying that Israel could not unilaterally attack Iran without the full blessing, support and connivance of the United States despite Netanyahu’s threats that he would. Now Netanyahu has moderated his tune in line with what US military leaders have recently said conceding that Israel indeed needs US help to ensure the permanent destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This concession to reality by Netanyahu may well be an attempt to thaw relations with Obama now that both the US and Israeli elections are out of the way and the rhetoric against Iran has been renewed both by Israel and the West.

Recent events in north Africa and just lately in Syria where Israel launched an attack against a Syrian facility near Damascus and, it seems, also against a convoy apparently carrying SA-17 missiles out of Syria allegedly destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, have also heightened tensions against Iran.

Recent remarks by Chuck Hagel, who is up for appointment as the next US Secretary of Defense pending approval, has no doubt served to heighten Netanyahu’s spirits at least a little as Hagel confirms that, if he becomes the Secretary of Defense, he will ensure that ‘America’s military is prepared to strike Ian if necessary’.

While Netanyahu hasn’t assembled a coalition government yet, one can rest assured that those that do become part of his coalition, whoever they are, will be right behind Netanyahu when it comes to matters regarding Iran.  

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