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Monday, December 24, 2012


Moshe Goldsmith, a Rabbi who immigrated to Israel from Brooklyn and who now lives in the West Bank Israeli settlement of Itamar, summed up the true intent of all of the Zionists of Israel when he told UK Daily Telegraph reporter Nick Meo that; “The Israeli government and political establishment don't want a two-state solution, they won't say that because they are just worried about what Obama and the Europeans say”.

Neoconservatives, rather than outrightly deny they have no intention of allowing the Palestinians to have their own state in a two-state outcome, instead they tell their audience that it is the Palestinians that don’t want a solution because Fatah and Hamas refuse to recognise the legitimacy of Israel. But even their audience now are starting to tell it as it really is and what they really want to see. Just a look at the comments, for example, of today’s piece by neocon Jonathan Tobin writing in Commentary magazine will show how transparent the ‘two state solution’ garbage really is as far as the Zionists are concerned.

The fact is; while Israel insists not only on staying put in the West Bank but also continue to increase settlements there, the Palestinians will never recognise Israel because in doing so it would mean the Palestinians will have effectively accepted that much of the West Bank that they had hoped would become part of a Palestinian state, in fact would become part of Israel and lost forever.

The forthcoming Israeli elections, in which it is likely that Netanyahu will not only prevail but will do so with increased support from the right-wing Zionist parties, will likely result in an Israeli government that will drop any pretence of ever allowing a Palestinian state to exist. At least two of these parties, Yisrael Beitenu and the relatively new Habayit Hayehudi party led by ultra Zionist Naftali Bennett, don’t hold back on the fact that their policies do not include the existence of a Palestinian state but do include the enlargement of Israeli settlements throughout all of the West Bank and, indeed, the annexation of the West Bank to Israel.

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