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Thursday, December 06, 2012


It should be made clear from the very start; Israel has absolutely no intention, and has never had any intention, of ever allowing a Palestinian state to exist. Israel, from its very birth, has sought to find ways to expel and transfer the Arab population from what is now Israel and from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in order to annex these territories to create an Arab-free Greater Israel. That has always been the Zionists plan. There has never been any other plan that does not include the territories. It is still their plan.

Ever since 1947 the Israelis have attempted to remove Palestinians from their homelands. Of those that became refugees in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and elsewhere, half fled in fear while the rest were expelled. Other Palestinians that stayed on to resist the Israeli onslaught were killed in fighting while defending their homes and property or murdered for refusing to move on. Those few that survived the ethnic cleansing and remained were no longer seen as a threat to the Zionist state and they would either become Israelis, be forced to leave through other pressures, or move on voluntarily.

The Golan Heights had always been coveted by the Israelis for its waters and farmlands. During the period 1947 to 1967 Israel provoked many clashes with the Syrians in order to push them into a retaliation that would allow the Israelis to invade and occupy the Golan Heights.

In November 1966 Israel began a series of provocative attacks against the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). The PLO retaliated which gave the Israelis an opportunity to attack the village of as-Samu in the West Bank which was then occupied by the Jordanians. As a result of the attack the Jordanians entered into a defence pact with Egypt fearing that Israel was intent on occupying and annexing the West Bank. In June 1967 after a series of further provocations by the Israelis, war erupted which saw the Israelis destroy much of Egypt’s armed forces and the Sinai occupied together with the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In 1973 the Egyptians and the Syrians attempted to retake their territories lost during the 1967 Six Day War. The Yom Kippur War, as it became known, saw the Egyptians beaten again but in the ensuing peace negotiations the Israelis gave back the Sinai to the Egyptians in 1979 in return for a treaty ensuring peace. However, the Syrians, who were also badly beaten in the Yom Kippur War, were only able to reclaim some 5% of the Golan Heights territory via negotiations with the UN. By 1981 Israel had annexed the Golan Heights and it became a part of Israel.

After the 1967 Six Day War the Israelis began to build settlements in all of the territories they occupied. The settlements were withdrawn from the Sinai in 1979 as part of the peace agreements and in 2005 Israel withdrew their settlements from the Gaza Strip due to the high cost of maintaining security to the Israelis settled there. Among Zionists, though, there was always an understanding that the Gaza would one day be resettled and become part of Israel.

In the recent war against the Gazan people Israel threatened to invade the Gaza Strip with the clear intention of liquidating Hamas in much the same way as the Israelis attempted to liquidate the PLO in 1982 when the Israelis invaded Lebanon which led to the fragmenting of the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli sanctioned Sabra and Shatila massacres of Palestinian civilian refugees by Israeli-controlled Lebanese fascist forces. With full-on invasion forces assembled at the borders with the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu only backed down after it became obvious that the eyes of the world were on him and that the US were not going to support such an action. Zionists and their neoconservative supporters were very disappointed despite many of them having supported the 2005 withdrawal because it had been done via Israel’s so-called ‘democratic’ process. Since Israel is held up as the Middle East’s shining example of ‘democracy’ and it is part of the neocons guiding philosophy on foreign policy, it over-rode the desire to hang on to the Gaza after Sharon’s decision to withdraw from the Gaza had been made. After the latest war against the Gaza, they regret having pulled out in the first place.

After so many false starts where Israel has taken three steps forward only to take two steps back, they have now learned that only a really big war will be able to provide cover for their ultimate goal of creating a Greater Israel. Rather then taking pieces of territory a small war at a time only to have to give it back due to international pressure, the Zionists of Israel are now hoping that a war against Iran, which Israel may instigate and the US and their Western allies will finish off, will provide an ideal opportunity for Israel to deal an almighty and fatal blow against both Hamas and Hezbollah which, while immense in terms of it being a blow the likes of which had not been seen before in Lebanon and the Gaza, will pale compared to the devastation a war against Iran will likely be as the US pummels Iran into regime change.

While the world’s attention is focussed on Iran, the Israelis will attack Hezbollah and Hamas by invading Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with the aim of liquidating their enemies. Then, to ensure neither Hezbollah nor Hamas rise again, the Israelis will remain in these territories with a view to annexing them.

Meanwhile, in order to placate a world increasingly concerned about Israel’s expansionist activities into the West Bank, Netanyahu makes statements about wanting to negotiate statehood with the Palestinians knowing full well that the demands the Israelis make will never be accepted by the Palestinians. All the Israelis need to do now is wait for an opportune moment – possibly one that they would create – to kick off the war they desperately need with Iran that will provide cover for their invasion and occupation of the territories they covet to create their dream of a Greater Israel.  


Anonymous said...

The creation of Israel has become a real curse for humanity!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This is being posted at Snippits and Snappits. All due credits of course. Thank you for your excellent work.