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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The Zionists of Israel and their neoconservative allies had always hoped that 9/11 would usher in an era that would see the Arab world and the Middle East transform itself into a series of Western-style democracies happily co-habiting with and friendly toward Israel and the US.

In September 2000, just a year before 9/11 occurred, the neoconservatives had spoken of the need for a Pearl Harbor-like event that could trigger such a transformation. By the time the Pearl Harbor-like event occurred neoconservatives were conveniently already in senior positions within the George W. Bush administration and on the very same day as the Towers fell they were putting their plan of ‘democratising’ the Arab and Islamic world into action.

The neocons were convinced the Iraqi people would welcome the Americans and their allies as liberators. They believed that, once the Arab and Islamic world could see how the Iraqi people embraced their new-found Western-style democracy, the peoples of all the other nations of the Middle East and North Africa would rise up against their respective authoritarian and dictatorial rulers, overthrow them and join the happy throng of Iraqis enjoying their new-found liberty and prosperity. And, of course, the Americans and their Western allies would be there to help them.

In 2003 two of neoconservatisms most fanatical warmongers and Islamophobic Zionists, David Frum and Richard Perle, published their book ‘An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror’ in which they advocated supporting insurrections throughout the Middle East and across North Africa and even the invasion of Iran and Saudi Arabia. They somehow envisioned that these strongly Muslim nations would take to be governed by secular democracies free of any Islamic influence and inspired by the freedoms and values of America.

Seven years later and not only have their dreams and aspirations stalled but now they are turning into nightmares.

Iraq is still struggling to come to terms with what the Americans and their allies have done to them and their country. Afghanistan still lives in fear and poverty as bombers remotely operated by the CIA in America rain rockets and missiles down on them as they stubbornly resist being turned into a pseudo-democratic puppet state. Despite domestic unrest in Iran, the people have rallied behind their President in support of his pursuit of nuclear generated power. Hezbollah in Lebanon are as powerful as ever and have more support today than ever before thanks largely to their resistance to the carnage meted out to them by the Israelis in 2006. Hamas in the Gaza Strip likewise are just as strong as ever despite Israel’s best efforts to destroy Hamas and the will of the Palestinian people in the Gaza during Israel’s attack on them in 2008/2009. And now, just to top it all off, it looks like Egypt is set to depose its pro-US president and replace his dictatorship not with a Western-style democracy but a democracy that reflects their own culture and heritage and is inclusive of Islam within government.

And, if events lately are setting a trend for the immediate future of other authoritarian and dictatorial governments in the region, then the nightmare is likely to get worse for the Zionists and their neocon allies, not better.

Interesting days ahead.


Anonymous said...

The Jews are happy in their land unlike the Arabs who blow themselves and their neighbors up.

You are really foaming at the mouth aren't you?

Damian Lataan said...

The Jews may well be happy on their lands; however, the Zionists seem to be only really happy when they are on someone elses land.

You come out with stuff like: "...unlike the Arabs who blow themselves and their neighbors up", and you think I'm 'foaming at the mouth'??

traducteur said...

You give them too much credit for good intentions, Damian. Zionists and neoconservatives (the terms are more or less synonymous) were not and are not interested in creating happy, democratically ruled states, they were and are interested only in mass theft and genocide, full stop.

brian said...

as has been made clear elsewhere, israel, the 'only democracy in the middle east' prefers to b esurrounded by a sea of dictators!
and now that one of them is about to go, israel is secretly or not striving to get the western govts top keep Mubarak in power

brian said...

the next generation of us controlled dictators being feted in washington?

'Under the auspices of Freedom House, Egyptian dissidents and opponents of Hosni Mubarak were received in May 2008 by Condoleezza Rice at the State Department and the US Congress. They also met White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, who was "the principal White House foreign policy adviser" during George W. Bush's second term.

Freedom House’s effort to empower a new generation of advocates has yielded tangible results and the New Generation program in Egypt has gained prominence both locally and internationally. Egyptian visiting fellows from all civil society groups received [May 2008] unprecedented attention and recognition, including meetings in Washington with US Secretary of State, the National Security Advisor, and prominent members of Congress. In the words of Condoleezza Rice, the fellows represent the "hope for the future of Egypt."

Freedom House,'

Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is all about disgruntled greedy Israel and its buddy the US of A. Israel wants the Nile as much as it covets the Litani ~ to keep their swimming pools full.

They want to bring about Greater Israel and here is a ripe opportunity to advance the plan. Does anyone remember PNAC and the many countries in scope for destruction by the neocon/zionist thieves.

All countries in the area are due for CIA/Mossad meddling ~ Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia... all of them. Who is next? The plan is to destabilize them all, destroy them as they have Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan..

This is all semi-educated conjecture, but one thing is not conjecture... we know who is behind it.... we also know that the men being offered for Egyptian leadership are already bought and sold into the NWO.

Sulieman is obviously the wrong man. ElBaradei is a creature of the UN and we know whose interests that organization serves.

What I wonder is... for decades the Arabs have been torn down and denigrated in the West... now suddenly they are "freedom fighters"? And what about Palestine and the ordeals of those people? Are they not freedom fighters?

The whole mess stinks of Israel and America.