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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It’s hard to imagine Gaddafi surviving the people’s revolt against his more than 40 year long rule. Certainly he’s made – and seems to continue making – every effort to cling to power but with his ambassadors to the UN and to various countries around the globe abandoning him, as well as the defections of two middle ranking air force pilots who flew their aircraft to Malta, all Gaddafi really has left are thugs and mercenaries out to heap revenge on those that rebelled against him.

Rumours abound that Gaddafi has already fled the country but no one seems really sure where he’s gone or even if he has left. One might assume that, if he has fled the country, then those that are supporting him would have no further reason to continue supporting him. However, while Gaddafi hasn’t been seen for a few days, his son seems to have taken command on his father’s behalf threatening civil war and to ‘fight to the last man’ and ‘the last bullet’.

Once a leader has fled his country it would be normal for either the governments servants, together with the armed forces, to simply serve the new government entity or to flee with their leader. Once the leader has fled then it’s usually all over and the nation can then begin to rebuild itself. However, because mercenaries are involved – and some reports indicate that, as well as African mercenaries being hired to fight with forces loyal to Gaddafi on the ground, Ukrainian pilots have also been hired to fly Libyan Air Force MiG aircraft – the situation in Libya is different. Most mercenaries have a loyalty to only one thing and that is money. While they are being paid they will continue their work. And, if they are being paid to continue their vengeful offensive against, in this case, Gaddafi’s enemies, then they are likely to continue doing so until they are either routed, killed, forced to flee for their own lives or stop getting paid – even if Gaddafi has already fled.

Already reports have suggested that 233 protesters have been indiscriminately killed by Gaddafi forces that have used tanks, heavy weapons, aircraft and helicopter gunships to violently quell the uprising. If the fierce fighting continues this figure will no doubt rise further. Then there are all the deaths that have likely occurred out of sight of the media and hospital counts and which will be attributed to Gaddafi’s supporters who are likely to have tortured a killed those protesters they have captured. There are even reports of Gaddafi security people executing their own men for refusing to turn their guns on the protesters.

Throughout history many of the bloodiest wars have been civil wars. Libya is not there yet and the only way that it can be avoided is for the rebel forces to quickly overwhelm the aggressors – and that can only be done if they have the full support of the peoples of the rest of the world and, just as importantly, if the aggressors know full well the intentions of the international community to prosecute them for their crimes no matter where they seek sanctuary.


Pete said...

The "Mad Dog" of the Middle-East, as President Reagan used to refer to him, has finally fallen to the people he so cruelly enslaved to his will.

How appropriate that this murderous despot should apparently seek refuge in Venezuela.

Damian Lataan said...

Apparently he's not in Venezuela; as I write this he's still in Libya.

Besides, I'm not so sure that Chavez would have Gaddafi now after what he has done to his own people. I would not be surprised now if he chooses to stay on and fight to the death. Either way, he's done for.

brian said...

are eyou sure your not being suckered? Doesnt it seem odd of all the aarb states in the region, the one not a pawn to the US is now the one with the highest reported death toll?
is this really Gaddaffi? or a colour revolution orchestrated to make us thnk its gadaffi?
Remember such revolutions only succeed if they can get the govt to crack down violently...

Reagan calls Gaddafi a mad dog? You mean Reagan was a man of peace?
Did Reagan also call Mubarak a mad dog?

'How appropriate that this murderous despot should apparently seek refuge in Venezuela.'

thanks for showing us your right wing quote mad dog Reagan and attack Venezula....

thats all i need to know

brian said...

'Besides, I'm not so sure that Chavez would have Gaddafi now after what he has done to his own people.

did he ..really? why didnt Mubarak think of that?

when the smoke clears..i wont be surprised to see a US satrap in place in Tripoli

brian said...

the oddity:
Mubarak quietly steps down...Gaddafi goes down guns blazing...mowing down fellow Libyans...this sort of story sounds a lot like the zionist fiction: Hamas uses child human shields..implying arabs are inhuman.
Why would Gaddaffi hire foreign merenaries to kill Libyans?

lets take a look:
from Press TV:
"I want to have some rest. Because I was talking to the young men at Green Square, and I want to stay the night with them but then it started raining," Gaddafi told the television reporter on Tuesday morning.

"I want to show them that I am in Tripoli, not in Venezuela. Don't believe those dogs in the media," he asserted.

Gaddafi has ordered deployment of fighter jets to open fire on the demonstrators in an effort to prevent the revolution in the country.

Witnesses say Gaddafi loyalists also used live rounds against protesters amid reports pointing to the arrival of planeloads of armed foreign mercenaries in the capital, Tripoli. '
sorry pete;..hes NOT in Venezuela..sorry you cant pin this on Chavez...
as for the rest who is the source?

remember : Gaddaffi is one of the few arab leaders NOT a US puppet...have the egptians unwittingly created a disaster in Libya?
My wager is we will see a US puppet in Tripoli if Gaddaffi is ousted...
then wll there be any protests like this?

brian said...

Finally, so far no sign of revolt in saudi arabia....that most important of arab dictatorships.Any unrest? any massacre of people by the leaders? NADA
why not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stating the obvious Brian! The US (aligned with Israel) has admitted to $100's millions on covert ops within Iran with a view to removing Ahmedinejad. Of course they've been doing the same within Libya, and many other countries besides.
Excellent blog nevertheless, Damian.

brian said...

On Gadaffi(or Qaddaffi, Gaddafi etc) ..well hes said to be a megaevil badboy.killed 1 thousand libyans with his bare hands....yet this bad boy has no history of mass murder..his worse crime is to support 'terrorists' like the IRA...probably as an arab nationalist he sympathised with the irish resistance to the English.
But go to Wikis article and what do we find:

well hes no Idi Amin! no Suharto....not even a George Bush!

so how did this wimpy bad boy get to become a megakiller?
Colour revolution...either get a govt to crackdown violently, thus depriving it of support...or orchdestrate violence and blame it on the govt
as they did in Venezuela 2002.

brian said...

The bit about Gaddafi fleeing to Venezuela was meant to tell us two things...Gaddafi is perceived to be left wing(his chief crime in US and EU eyes)...and Venezuela was meant to be tarred with the Gadaffi brush!

so who put out this fake story? can you guess?