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Friday, February 11, 2011


The neocons, the Zionists and their Western allies insist that if there is to be change in Egypt then a future Egyptian government adopts a secular system of democracy that is not dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Their insistence on a moderate democratic Egyptian government is borne out of one simple consideration; Israel.

An Egyptian government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood is unlikely to allow the continued isolation of the Gaza Strip and would likely discard the treaties that Israel had agreed with the Sadat-led, and later Mubarak-led, Egyptian government which has been in place for more than thirty years. It is this that Israel and the West fear most.

However, in insisting on a moderate democratic Egyptian government they ignore several essential facts that will likely upset the West’s aspirations for a future democratic Egypt free of Islamic influence.

First off, the wishes of the neocons, the Zionists and their Western allies do not correspond with the wishes of the Egyptian people. After all, it has been the Zionists and their Western allies, especially the US, which has stifled the wishes of the Egyptian people by supporting the Sadat-Mubarak dictatorship and its accompanying suppression and violation of the human rights of the Egyptian people. While the neocons have screeched about ‘democracy’ as part of their rhetoric, they too have quietly hoped that real democracy never takes root in the Islamic nations of the Middle East.

The neocons, Zionists and their Western allies also have their head in the sand over one other obvious fact which will just not go away and that is that Egypt is a nation where some 90% of the Egyptian people that are currently calling for democracy are Muslims with the vast majority of them being Sunni Muslims. Furthermore, while the current Egyptian constitution bans religious political parties that have a religious agenda, that same constitution does insist that future legislation conforms to Islamic law. If, though, the revolution is successful, it would likely see that the constitution is changed to included religious parties. The revolution, as Mohamed ElBaradei, a potential leader of a new Egypt, has already indicated, may even discard the old constitution and rewrite a new one entirely.

The fact is, the Islamic world is far more devout about their religion than the Western Christian-Judeao world is. Islam influences every corner of all Muslim society and life. The only reason Islam is excluded from Egyptian politics is by virtue of the support the dictators have received from the US and their allies.

That, if the revolution gets its way, will change.

It will be impossible to have a truly democratic Egypt without the strong influence of Islam being a part of it. If Israel wants to continue peace with a new democratic Egypt heavily influenced by Islam, then it must reconsider its stance with the Palestinian people particularly those that live in the Gaza Strip.

The West needs to get used to the idea that Islam is an important aspect of government within Muslim nations. The only way to peace in the Middle East is through a resolution to the conflict between the Zionists and the Palestinian peoples.

The only solution, regardless of how impossible it may seem now, is for the Jewish and Arab people to live freely as equals in one egalitarian state. The alternative will be an endless war that the Israelis will never be able to win.


traducteur said...

Damian, how can we who have always admired and respected you continue to take you seriously when you accept advertising from Zionist firms?

Vive l'Égype libre, by the way.

Damian Lataan said...

Trad, I appreciate your concern but I don't get any say in who advertises here apart from specific companies, so I look at it from the other point of view. If Zionist companies want to support an anti-Zionist blog then more fool them. Readers of my blog are hardly likely to knowingly subscribe to a Zionist company advertising here.

Egypt still has many hurdles to jump but this is a start. One can only hope that at least this may give hope to the Palestinian people holed up in the Gaza Strip.


Pete said...

Best of all though, is that there's buckley's chance of a Socilaist/Communist state ever taking hold in Egypt.

That'd seem to be last on everybody's list.

Anonymous said...

It's a strange concept. Denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination in just a single state of their own, while accepting the region having 23 Muslim or Islamic states that comprise the Arab League.

"The only solution, regardless of how impossible it may seem now, is for the Jewish and Arab people to live freely as equals in one egalitarian state."

It's not just strange, it's downright racist.

And yet, in regards to taking into account the composition of a new Egyptian ruling governent, you still go even further to exacerbate this discriminatory policy to pronounce that "The West needs to get used to the idea that Islam is an important aspect of government within Muslim nations"

In other words, not only to espouse the racist policy of denying the Jews a state such as their Islamic neighbours enjoy, but it should now be viewed as racist to not also espouse the importance of a religious Jewish state (not a secular Jewish state at present)

The racist double standards in existance here should be banished. As the Muslim peoples have Islamic states, so too the Jews deserve the same. To discriminate is to betray one's bigotry and xenophobic prejudice.

What's more, if arguing for the empowerment of a radical right-wing Muslim Brotherhood, we could even argue the legitimacy of empowering the right-wing religionists in Israel as well, based on that quote above ("The West needs to get used to the idea that Islam is an important aspect of government within Muslim nations"").
After all, Judaism is an important aspect of government for the Jewish peoples and within the Jewish state.

Otherwise it's a clear case of racism and bigotry displayed on so many levels here, it's astounding.

Damian Lataan said...

An interesting argument, Anonymous, but flawed on two counts. First, the vast majority of Jews in Israel are politically secular; very few would want to see strict Judiac law govern their lives. Secondly, the vast majority of Jews in Israel today, unlike the Palestinians, do not have any traditional ties to the land. Many are converted Jews with no legitimate ties beyond some notion of it being the promised land that offers an escape from persecution at places where they originally came from. Israel is a place more of convenience cloaked in religion than a genuine homeland for todays Jewish communities.

Those that do have an unbroken claim to the land - Jewish or Arab - should encourage those others that wish to return to what they regard as their 'homeland' - Jews or Arabs - to share their land as equals.

A Jews only state is a racist state.

traducteur said...

Well said, Damian, and one might add that the Zionist enterprise has always been, and continues to be, one of mass theft and genocide, which are illegitimate under all circumstances. Crimes against humanity committed by Jews are crimes against humanity none the less.