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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt published their book, ‘The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy’ in 2007, the Israeli Zionists and their neocon supporters both in the US and around the world vehemently denied their was any such influential lobby and they even labelled Mearsheimer and Walt, and anyone else who agreed with them, as ‘anti-Semites’ for suggesting there was.

Earlier this month Chas Freeman, nominated for the position of chair of the US National Intelligence Council was forced to withdraw his acceptance of the position because of direct pressure from the Israel lobby in the US. What’s interesting is that the Israel lobby is now openly bragging about its success.

This success, however, seems to have confused the pro-Zionist hard right neocons. Writing in the US pro-Zionist neoconservative journal ‘Commentary’ this month, Jonathan Tobin says on the one hand:

Walt, in particular, and those who buy into his “Israel Lobby” thesis will take Freeman’s withdrawal as evidence that Israel’s friends have once again undermined U.S. foreign policy. In reality, all that has happened is that a pro-Saudi extremist who has no place in the government of a democratic nation was belatedly weeded out from a chaotic and poorly run administration. Rather than evidence of the “Lobby’s” hegemony, Freeman’s case shows that for all the talk about Obama’s competence replacing Bush’s incompetence, the Democrats are no slouches in coming up with lemons.

And then, on the other hand says this:

Freeman’s appointment didn’t collapse just because the pro-Israel right screamed bloody murder, though without the criticism that was heard from that quarter there is little doubt that Freeman might have slipped through. Rather, he’s gone because there are still more than enough pro-Israel Democrats in Congress who want nothing to do with a policy based on hostility to Israel.

What’s confused Tobin and his friends at Neocon Central is that they worked so hard at trying to deny any existence of an Israel Lobby after Mearsheimer and Walt published their book by demonising them as being anti-Semitic that now they have to continue their denial of An Israel lobby per se by saying that such decisions as pushing Chas Freeman out of the job are made because of America’s love for the Israeli-US relationship.

Neocons don’t adapt well to being exposed as liars and frauds; instead they simply plant their feet deeper into their mouths.

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hANOVER fIST said...

It looks as if, very soon, the fifth column occupying positions within our government, our information centers and our lives, will soon be rooted out and banished from our great nation.