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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband has announced that the British government will have an enquiry into the Iraq war at some time after most of the remaining British troops in Iraq return home after 31 July 2009.

While Andrew Porter of the UK ‘Daily Telegraph’ reports that “Number 10 strategists believe that announcing a full inquiry is vital in persuading the many Labour voters who turned away from the party after the 2003 invasion that the same mistakes will not be made again”, there are no details of how wide-ranging the enquiry is likely to be. Other reports, however, suggest that the enquiry will be held in private.

What is clear is that the enquiry will be more for political reasons inasmuch that it aims to attract those Labour voters that turned away from the party because of the invasion of Iraq rather than be a sincere enquiry into the true circumstances surrounding then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s insistence on allying Britain to Bush’s determination to invade Iraq and the ruses and downright lies that Blair used in his efforts to get British public opinion to support the invasion. One wonders, therefore, just how far the enquiry will really go in terms of making an effort to determine the extent of lies and falsehoods Blair and his pro-war supporters used to involve the UK in the war that a large majority of Britons did not support.

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