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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The issue of Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ continues to be propped up by the Israeli propaganda machine and is unlikely to be resolved until, if Israel has its way, Iran has been bombed into regime change.

Unfortunately – for the Israelis at least – and fortunately for the rest of the sane world, it seems as though the more sensible and realistic members of the US intelligence community’s hierarchy are raining on Israel’s ‘lets bomb Iran’ parade by telling the US Congress that Iran does not have any material with which they can build a bomb; that Iran is not known to have any facilities by which it is able to produce uranium enriched to the levels required for a nuclear weapon; that Iran has not made any decision to build a nuclear weapon, and that Irans recent launching of the Safir Space Launch Vehicle, while helpful in ballistic missile technology, was unrelated to Iran’s current nuclear project.

The US intelligence officials that spoke to Congress, Dennis Blair, who is Director of National Intelligence, and Lieutenant General Michael Maples, director of the Defence Intelligence Agency, also ceded that it would not be in Russia’s interest to allow Iran to be nuclear armed inferring that Russia would hardly be likely to be assisting Iran with its nuclear energy program if it believed that Iran had a nuclear weapons program.

Messrs. Blair and Maples have effectively, for now at least, put a big dampener on Israel’s expectations of direct support from the US with regard to any imminent military action against Iran.

However, it does not preclude Israel from taking unilateral pre-emptive action against Iran; though Israel, while it may have the means to destroy some of Irans nuclear sites, does not have anywhere near the wherewithal to bomb Iran into ‘regime change’ short of using nuclear weapons.

Israel would now be taking a big gamble if it were to decide to unilaterally attack Iran in the hope that, in order to prevent an Iranian counter attack or retaliation, the US would feel an obligation, no matter the reluctance, to come to Israel’s aid by launching a massive aerial bombardment against Iran in the hope of deterring further Iranian retaliatory attacks against Israel.

Any war instigated by Israel against Iran is likely to escalate rapidly and ultimately involve the US. It can only be hoped that the words of cooler realistic heads in Washington DC will be heard in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The reaction by the Zionist propaganda in the Israeli and US press will soon tell us if they’ve listened or not but with Benjamin Netanyahu waiting in the wings to become Israel’s Prime Minister, one should not be holding ones breath. There still some very dangerous days ahead despite Israel’s party having been rained on.

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