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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just a quick thought today.

Headlines that run like this: “The US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has renewed allegations against Iran, claiming that Tehran's support for militias in Iraq has grown” demonstrates an appalling arrogance on behalf of the US that seems to largely go unnoticed in the West which, to some extent, is a reflection on the West’s arrogance as a whole.

The US makes it sound as though the Iranians have committed some kind of heinous crime by supporting the insurgents. The phrase ‘renewed allegations against’ implies in no uncertain terms that Iran is wrong to support the militias. This is arrogant because that then implies that they think they are in the right to defeat the insurgents.

The hypocrisy, of course, is two-fold; first and most obviously, it is the US that have invaded and occupied land that does not belong to them and have done so for no other reason whatsoever other than for their own self interest, destroying an entire nation in the process. Secondly, the US, while busy telling the world what nasty people the Iranians are for supporting the Iraqi insurgents, are themselves doing exactly the same thing by supporting Israel in their quest to conquer lands that do not belong to them.

This is the height of self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy.

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