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Monday, April 14, 2008


The situation in Iraq seems to be deteriorating rapidly yet the Western mainstream media is keeping very quiet about it. Moqtada al-Sadr has said that he will not be part of any political process in Iraq that allows the US and their allies to remain in Iraq and has denounced US Defence Secretary Robert Gates as a ‘terrorist’.

Meanwhile, some 1300 Iraqi police and soldiers have been sacked for refusing to fight against al-Sadr’s Mahdi insurgents and fighting continues to rage through southern Iraq and Baghdad instigated by al-Sadr and his Mahdi army and fully supported by Iran.

This, in turn, is being propagandised by Stephen Hadley, US National Security Advisor and one of a handful of neoconservatives that still hold senior positions in the Bush administration, who is now blaming Iran for all of America’s current woes in Iraq. For those that have been following the saga of twenty-first century Middle East history, one can easily see where this is all going despite the denials.

While the US cannot attack Iran simply because it is a threat to Israel – American public opinion would not now support such a policy – however, American public opinion, while still overwhelmingly opposed to the war in Iraq, may accept as fait accompli a surprise attack by the US on Iran if the reason given for such an attack is that Iran’s interference in Iraq is no longer tolerable and costing American lives.

Either way, the Israelis get what they want which, of course, was what this was all about in the first place. Sooner or later there will be a final confrontation. The only thing that has stopped it so far is American public opinion not supporting ‘war for Israel’. America is now looking for another excuse. The lack of mainstream media coverage of the situation is a worry. The world should be prepared for a surprise attack on Iran at any time.


A. Magnus Publius said...

The problem here is the vast potential for a fabricated 'Gulf of Tonkin' event that plays out like recent Iranian 'speedboat' encounters, only where things are staged to look like the Gleiwitz radio station attack of 1939. The public will unquestioningly accept the pabulum promoted by their leaders and then it will be off to the Armageddon races.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else realize, that going after Iran, the Patriarch of Shia Islam - will just turn the whole Shia population against the U.S. and anyone else unfortunate to be there?

The Iran-loyal Shia in Iraq vow NEVER to be like they were Saddam-era, they have infiltrated (as one would expect) EVERY security agency in Iraq.

2. Iran has not forgotten how Iraq was used by the U.S. in its proxy war with Russia - it has long rectified any border security issues.

3. Iran is highly educated - there are more women in university in Iran than in America (%tage wise). Iran even has women SWAT teams.

4. The Iranians are world champions in combat sports like Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling (Graeco-Roman and Freestyle) etc. They are in PHENOMENAL shape - not like the old, tired Iraqi soldiers.

5. Iran plugs into a very heated eschatological you know who the Mahdi is Islamic parlance? He is a Messianic figure heralded by BOTH Shia and Sunni Muslims. Moqtada is not ignorant of this, hence the Mahdi Militia.

6. Iran draws strength from the overspread of the American forces and resulting weakness. Many Sunni's have had to acknowledge Iran's growing prowess.

7. The Iranians have set up an Oil Bourse - prefering to trade in Euro's and not dollars. They know the dollar is disappearing. What a perfect time for the Amero to make an appearence, eh?

Anonymous said...

Damn man, i am in USA, but i hate to say this. Most americans are sleeping, i don't know why, people are so politically apathetic in America. And i am not talking about americans who use internet. I am talking about americans out there in the streets, it seems to me that most people who log on to alternative and leftists sites are not americans really, but people from other parts of this world whoar awake indeed and worried and angry

Anonymous said...

Sleeping or indoctrinated, Marx? More the latter I think.

When reality strikes, Americans won't know what hit them.

Not long to wait now!