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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I received Doug Feith’s recently released book ’War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn on the War on Terrorism’ from Amazon the other day and, whilst I haven’t begun to read it from cover to cover just yet, one of the first things I did do upon opening it was head straight for the index to look up what his explanation was for the role of the Office of Special Plans (OSP) in the lead up to the war against Iraq. To my surprise – though, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have been in the least bit surprised – there was next to nothing except a blanket denial that the OSP played any role at all in the lies and formulation of so-called ‘intelligence’ that led directly to the invasion and destruction of Iraq. Feith writes:

“…a few weeks after 9/11. I asked members of my staff to review all the intelligence paper flow – to look it over and summarize it, and to help me devise counterterrorist strategy and policy recommendations for Rumsfeld. It was a standard request for policy staffers: Extracting strategic insights from intelligence is what policy personnel do every day.

This project evolved into the Policy Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group (PCTEG), which became legendary as the supposed Pentagon “covert intelligence group” that was alleged to have manipulated intelligence to mislead the President and the public into war in Iraq. I use the word “legendary” literally, because nearly everything said about the PCTEG has been a legend – that is, make believe. False assertions about the project have been grist for thousands of political speeches and news articles. The legend’s proponents usually cite as their sources current or former intelligence officials (usually anonymous) who had bureaucratic or policy disagreements with Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, or me.” (p.116)

Feith then goes on to say that the PCTEG and the OSP were two entirely different entities and that Seymour Hersh had “garbled his reporting on the PCTEG” and that this has led to “many other writers, who think that reading the ‘The New Yorker’ is research, have mixed up the PCTEG with the OSP”. (pp.116-117)

This is a lie. The reality is that the PCTEG and the OSP was one and the same thing; the PCTEG simply morphed into the OSP. Virtually all of the officers that made up the PCTEG went on to serve with the OSP with two of them, David Wurmser and Michael Maloof, chasing the classic lies about the connections between ‘al Qaeda’ and Saddam Hussein, pushing this lie while serving with both the PCTEG and the OSP.

Apart from three paragraphs on pages 293-294 of his book that mentions the OSP completely sanitising it, readers are going to be very disappointed if they were expecting any real light to be shed on the activities of this office or Feith’s role in it.

Feith, it seems, has written 650 pages of pure lies – and I haven’t even read it yet – but, knowing what a lying toe-rag this warmongering monster is, you just know that you’re not going to be any wiser as a result of reading this lunatics work than you were before.


Damian Lataan said...

HI Damian, I have to admire your fortitude.Reading such propaganda from Neoconlike sources is quite a bile struggle. I was given BobWoodward's Plan of Attack, and was disappointed to see the half a sentence or so dedicated to OSP.

Guess that is the line. thank goodness for people like -what was her name? Karen Kwatioskowski or something,a ture patriot who blew the whistle on the Israeli military brass and their comings and glings without signing in, ie leaving no documentary evidence......

Heard an interviewer from NPR talking with voters from a bleak US town about who they would vote for. McCain "was just another Bush"
and they were going to vote for Obama because he wasn't takin gmoney "from all those Lobby groups"....I wonder which ones he meant...Intersting to hear a person say such a thing.Maybe this election will be indeed interesting once the lady in pay stands aside.

Did you hear the interview by ?CNN with Rev Wright two days ago? "what did you mean by your sermon which said that America deserved 911?" TO which the Pastor replied"Did you read that sermon?" "er, no.." "did you read any of that sermon? No? Well then I guess that question doesn't need an answer.." Smack to her face the mealy mouthed Clinton stooge...and then he explained the context all the same and , heck, it all sounded very reasonable to me and anyone else with sense.But loved that smack in the face to that stooge reporter...speaking of which , the ABC Washington correspondant that our taxes are sadly paying for reported the stooge line , that he didn't bak away from the comments at the time......pity our Reporter on the scene didn;t actually listen to what the reverend said there just some By-line that the stooges all read out ? Pathetic and we pay him for shilling for Hilary...pathetic.
Amazing how clear it all starts to be when one is aware of the games they play against the more honest candidates....I reckon they didn;t think Obama would get UP as well as he has...I reckon he is becoming a clear and present danger to the wanted result. I suspect we are going to see shinaningans, as evidence by the attempted upping of the anti against Iran just now.
I wonder what the electronic machines will read this time.

Sorry Annie, I inadvertently pressed the wrong button, hence your post is under my name.
There's very little real major source OSP stuff around that is definitive. However, there is plenty of snippets of evidence of their skullduggery and, you're right, it is Karen Kwatioskowski who has provided us with the greatest amount of evidence not just of their lies but also the extent of their influence on Bush and Tenet who, incidently, has a great deal to say about what went on in his own book 'At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA'. It's worth a read but you need to read it conjunction with James Risen's book 'A State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration'. Keep Michael Isikoff and David Corn's book 'Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War' handy as well. Together they begin to show the real story behind Feith and his neocon cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Damian, I think when one reads about the Balfour Agreement and then realises that somehow theUS was dragged into the war , just as Friedman says, to support a particular political group , then one starts to realise just how dangerous a Fifth column with control of the media can be.

Truly more books should be written about that Agreement and the repercussions and I wonder how the US moms feel who lost their sons for it ............or the Russians who had their nation destroyed by Bolsheviks supported by NewYork bankers-see Trotsky's fund raising and release from East Canada by order of UK!on hi way to destroy the UK ally. Amazing, history, isn't it?

How does this help us now?

As it is said, without knowing one's history ,one is doomed to repeat it.

How easy it is to be sacrificed by your friends for their cause.And how little real history is taught in our classes.And how most wars are not fought for the reasons promoted to those dying.

Good luck with your thesis. We need more.
Anni Sourris

Anonymous said...

Oh . Damian, just one other current event that seems to have little coverage is the crop failure across NAfrica and possbily India due to the suscetabilioty of the most common strain planted(PBW343) to stem redrust(UG99-first found in Uganda in 1999) spores.Infection results in about 40% plus crop loss.

Interestingly Russia this season discouraged export with a huge tax for grain exports.

Affected/at risk appear to be Uganda, Kenya,Yemen,and then South Asia like India and Pakistan. I can not identify the strain that is planted in Iraq and Iran/Turkey.The lack of variety due to foreign planting pressure appear to make theregion more susceptible to diseases that change..

So , should this add more food hunger pressure the region may become very volatile.

I hope we are not forward selling here. And time to forget that ethanol subsidy methinks.

bye Annie S

Damian Lataan said...

Hopefully Annie, the internet will cause the quest for the truth to exponentially gather pace. The big question however is; will it be too late? The world is slowly waking up to what's going on but, while we think we've got our eye on one ball, there's another hurtling our way which we didn't see coming. And we didn't see it coming because we weren't looking. The food crisis for some reason is suddenly upon us yet we should have seen it coming ages ago.

And when we look back at what happened prior to the actual invasion of Iraq, shouldn't we have seen that coming too?

But, as you infer Annie, we'll repeat the mistakes that seem to make us incapable of seeing things coming.


Anonymous said...

astute as usual Damian.

Like all the previous wars those collaborating need to be in. Will it benefit is the question and unless the answer is yes then there will be no jump.

I am sure you are aware that I am not talking of nation states but rather "groups" who influence and control such. Most would call them "traitors" if they really saw their role in history, but they are not, just traitors to the nationalism paradigm they use to manupulate and run most of the others eh?

I think one most easily sees them in Globalists, usually those with lose attachment to the larger group in which they mingle in transnational cells.

World population can be an issue to a particular group and world feeding is a powerful tool for control. Hence the power of controlling the plantings of nations and limiting seed saving etc, rplacing wiht mono-type some self terminating varieties. it was one of the first things done under Bremmer in Iraq.

Other means include controlling disease varients with certain ethnic predilection such as SARS had for Cantonese (HLA cariety weakness found in Taiwan study published in UK Journal).the digging up of speicmens of people who died from the "haemorhagic influenza" of 1918 was a particularly sinister event, reported as happening in both the US and UK. Now,birdflu occurs and has now established in most wild populations.Just as with WestNile virus. Such establsih how well a wld migrating population can spread a bird carried virus. Interestingly , Australia appears to have natural protection from such in the current forms.
The final form is the usual nasties with a protected population vaccinated. Agents include smallpoz, the genetically manipulated Mousepox for one cylcle and old favourites like Marborg virus, now refined to a much more lethal variety, perhaps with some control. The real danger with these methods is the assumption that the protected groups is indeed protected-varience, mutation,mistake,REAL terrorism.

So food, targeted infection agents, genetically targeted pathogens and protected population pathogens and the new nightmare of NAno killers are all lovely tools that all sides are developing and testing .

I suspect SARS like tricks before this attack upon Iran will not be effective or may have huge backblast. What goes on is well known behind all doors including Chinese and they have had long enough to decide upon a response and develope it.

Anyway Damian, just as through history most well seen in that economic hit book by that guy-forgot his name, Iran is in the sights, as is Venezuela and even Putin and Mugabe and Cuba and all who dare to defy.

China is the big question, I doubt any would dare act without knowing what tjey need as am incentive.

Iran? in the sights. but so much is changing , like slipsands. This next 5yera plan time will be critical. WE have had 12 lots of 5 and some who play with numbers will be a bit excited just now so let's hope sanity keeps the lid on the lunatics.
How would you group the "interest groups"?
Annie Sourris

Damian Lataan said...

Annie, they've got this far and I'm not too sure if they're going to give it away now - not just for the sake of a little thing like a Presidential election causing their demise from power. I hope I'm wrong, but I just can't see them having come this far just to give it up. Cheney's still there as belligerent as ever.