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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Benjamin Netanyahu and the extreme right-wing Zionist Likud Party are champing at the bit for Olmert to resign and call an election. If an election were held tomorrow Netanyahu would be able to form a government with reasonable ease and it is generally accepted that in that event any notion of peace between Israel and Palestine can be kissed goodbye.

What Olmert and Bush would like the world to think is that, with Olmert staying on as Prime Minister, there is hope of a two-state solution being realised before the end of Bush’s presidency. However, the notion of peace between Israel and Palestine is as much a hopeless cause with Olmert running Israel and Bush running the US as it would be with Netanyahu running Israel and whoever else running the US. The bottom line is; no matter which of these Israeli prime ministers, Palestinians are never likely to see a proper Palestinian sovereign state.

I’m not sure what it is that so many people do not understand about the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The garbage about a ‘two-state solution’ as espoused by the likes of Bush and Olmert does noting but provide a false hope of peace with this hope being far more for their benefit to make them look good in the eyes of their people as they falsely present themselves as men striving for peace. Let’s be quite clear about this, neither of these men are men of peace. Bush’s armies have invaded, destroyed and occupied two nations that were of no threat to the US and have caused the deaths of well over a million humans in Afghanistan and Iraq. Olmert and his IDF thugs continue to murder Palestinians in the Gaza and West Bank, occupy the West Bank, the Golan Heights; they invaded Lebanon under false pretences and bombed civilian areas there that resulted in the deaths of over a thousand civilians including many women and children.

Olmert and Bush are not men of peace.

Olmert is playing for time, both for his own political survival and for time to resolve the Palestinian issue in a way that reflects the reality of the Zionist dream – a Greater Israel at the expense of a Palestinian state. Olmert knows that there will never be a truly independent sovereign Palestinian state and talk of such from him is merely a distraction while the real barrier to the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel, Iran, is dealt with.

Both Olmert and Netanyahu know that a final confrontation with Iran is the only way that either will realise their dreams. When Iran is attacked it will be the trigger for Israel to launch an all-out attack against Hamas in the Gaza and the West Bank, and against Hizbollah in south Lebanon up to the Litani River. Iran is the patron of both Hamas and Hizbollah. Israel must first confront Iran before it can deal with Hamas and Hizbollah. Time, however, is running out for Olmert. Bush will not be president for much longer and Bush’s successor is unlikely to take on Iran, and, knowing that, Israel would not make the first strike. But both Olmert and Netanyahu know that if Israel makes the first strike against Iran while Bush is still president then the US will finish off the job of pummelling Iran into submission for the Israelis while the Israelis deal with Hamas and Hizbollah by a massive aerial strike against Syria and a full-on invasion and occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and south Lebanon.

All they are waiting for now is a casus belli – and, no doubt, if they don’t get one soon, they’ll simply have to invent one.

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Daniel said...

It's interesting to wonder about the effect of this short burst of freedom in Gaza, Damian. The fact that it was achieved by violence and that it resulted in many days of access to Egypt might strengthen the backbone of the Palestinians and might expose even further the traitor, Abbas.

Interesting days!