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Monday, January 14, 2008


We barely heard a murmur about Iran over the holiday period but now they’re back in the news again for no apparent reason other than a few of their young guys had a bit of a day out in their new toys on the water near a few of the US navy’s warships – or, at least, that was what we were told. Suddenly the Iranians are a threat to world peace again. Never mind that the US battle fleets are in waters threatening Iran over non-existent nuclear bombs. It’s not as though the Iranian speedboats were racing around US warships on the Atlantic seaboard off New York; the US warships, armed to the teeth with attack aircraft, Tomahawk missiles and atomic weapons, are in the Persian Gulf to deliberately intimidate Iran yet for some reason we are being told that it is the Iranians that are a threat to world peace.

Now the western mainstream media are regurgitating the entire propaganda and rhetoric repertoire that the neocons and the Israeli Zionists used to get the world to support an invasion of Iraq to support an attack on the Iranians. But what’s really sickening about this whole affair is the fact that the world seems to be just sitting back and doing absolutely nothing about it despite the fact that everything the neocons and Israeli Zionist warmongers told us about Iraq turned out to be nothing but lies. Now we’re being told exactly the same lies all over again and still the world does nothing.

The world should make no mistake about this; Iran will sooner or later be attacked. It is not a matter of ‘if’, only of ‘when’. The US and Israel are not in the slightest bit concerned about Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons. Both know that Iran has no nuclear weapons. While they use the propaganda and rhetoric of nuclear weapons as the excuse to attack, their real aim is for regime change. With a western-friendly pseudo-democratic puppet government in place, Iranian support for Palestinian and Lebanese resistance to Israeli Zionist aspirations for a Greater Israel that takes in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon up to the Litani River will evaporate. And without Iranian support, Syria too will no longer be a threat to Israel thus ensuring that the Golan Heights remain in Israeli hands.

The neoconservative/Israeli Zionist plan for the Middle East will be well on the way to realisation if the world allows itself to be taken in again by these liars and warmongers.

And, so far, it looks like the world is going to fall for it again.

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