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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yet again it seems, Iran has returned to the front pages of the mainstream media with Bush yesterday sounding out Arab support for ‘containing’ Iran. However, some Arab countries are now asking why Iran actually needs to be ‘contained’. The last National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) showed that Iran hasn’t been involved in the nuclear arms game for some time now; and, on top of that, the UNs International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) has not produced any evidence to suggest, indeed, that Iran ever was.

It comes as no surprise then, to learn that Syria has also returned to the front page as well. This time it is because it has since rebuilt (at least, so we are told) something (we don’t know what) at the place where something (again, we don’t really know what) was possibly bombed (though nobody seems to be really sure) back in September 2007.

One thing is really sure, however, and that is; whenever Iran stuff hits the headlines, Syria stuff seems to as well.

The reality is this: If Israel and the US are going to attack Iran – and attacking Iran is going to be the only way that Israel and the US can achieve regime change – then they will have to do it before Bush leaves office. But since the US cannot make the initial attack against Iran, because it has painted itself into a corner following the release of the NIE, it has to be Israel that strikes the first blow – unless, of course, Iran attacks the US or, for example, threatens its ships in the Gulf. Naturally, Iran’s ally Syria, supporting Hamas and Hizbollah, will also be targets.

Whatever it is that’s brewing, one can be sure that it will benefit Israel and their neoconservative supporters and that Arabs and Muslims will die.

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