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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Making headlines in Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda spreadsheet, ‘The Australian’, today is this piece of totally unsubstantiated garbage from Alexander Downer and Australia’s security and intelligence organisation (ASIO) that blares; ‘Islamists being starved of funds’.

The piece opens by telling readers: “Islamic extremists in Australia are being starved of money by an unprecedented crackdown on the secret flow of funds from Saudi Arabia.”

The first question one needs to ask is: ‘What Islamic extremists in Australia?’ Where is the evidence that these people actually exist. Are Australians expected to believe anything and everything that they are told by ‘the government’? There seems to be the automatic assumption that Australian’s will believe anything the government and their agencies tell them. This is despite the fact that these are exactly the same people who told Australians that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. They are exactly the same people that told Australians that Saddam Hussein was a direct threat to Australia. These are the same people who told us that Saddam Hussein supported bin Laden and the events of 9/11. This is also the same Alexander Downer that insisted that trucks found in Iraq after the invasion were mobile chemical or biological weapons factory. This liar even continued to insist these trucks were mobile chemical or biological weapons factory long after they were revealed to be nothing more than mobile hydrogen generators used to inflate weather balloons and artillery ranging balloons. Now we are expected to accept without question his assertion that there are ‘Islamic extremists in Australia’.

As we read on, however, readers discover that Downer and ASIO aren’t actually discussing ‘terrorists’ per se but ‘Islamic extremists’ though, of course, the mention of Jamaah Islamiah and the Bali bombings are somehow woven into the story as an example, again totally unsubstantiated, of how Saudi funds have ‘bankrolled’ Indonesian ‘terror groups’. The propaganda connection is thus made.

The actual intent of this story is to demonise Islam by invoking the fear of Islamic extremism by relating it to ‘terrorism’. The reality is that Islamic extremism does not automatically infer ‘terrorism’ any more than Christian or Judaism extremists automatically infer ‘terrorism’.

In fact we learn that the money was not for use by terrorists at all but was to be used for the construction of two mosques; one at Belmore in Sydney and the other at Park Holme in Adelaide. ASIO it seems was opposed to Saudi funds being used for the construction of these mosques on the grounds that Wahabism, a form of Islamic fundamentalism practiced predominately in Saudi Arabia may be taught there.

All of this really has absolutely nothing to do with ‘terrorism’ in any way shape or form but has absolutely everything to do with the Australian government and its agencies extreme right-wing racism against what they consider to be ‘non-Australian’ religions and cultures.


Anonymous said...

Here is some evidence that Islamic extremists exist in Australia:

It is not about demonising Islam Damian, it is about stopping groups using Islam via Wahabism to harm others.

Damian Lataan said...

First off, I’ve not said that Islamic extremism doesn’t exist in Australia. But then, so what? So does Christian extremism and Judeo extremism. Why are you not jumping up and down about them? They are just as responsible in their various ways for violence in other parts of the world. Just listen to way that the late Jerry Falwell used to carry on. Or listen to the warmongering crap that Pastor John Hagee came out with at the recent AIPAC conference. Both these loons are religious extremists that spew hate and condone violence and war.

The Sydney Nine so-called terrorist plot of November 2005 is a complete joke that is now likely to cost the taxpayers some $4.5 millions as the warmongering Islamophobic racist Ruddock is determined to prosecute these men who have actually not committed any offence that can be proven as being terrorist activities in any way. The only way that they can actually be prosecuted is if they are allowed legal aid which is why Ruddock has approved the legal aid. Otherwise they walk. Having a few hundred litres of acetone, especially if you’re a spray painter, is hardly a criminal offence.

As for prisoners converting to Islam in prison; there is nothing unusual in that. Prisoners that have committed serious crimes and are in for a long stretch often profess to having ‘seen the light’ and converted to make their life inside more tolerable or to ease their conscious. Some turn to Christianity, some to Judaism and others to Islam. That doesn’t make them ‘terrorists’.

You can spin it any way you like Labowski, it’s very much about demonising Islam – and you are part of that demonising process.

And what arrogance from you to suggest what word of a relgious faith can or cannot be heard in Australia or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

You asked if there was evidence Damian and I provided some. Do you want more...say a dossier on Jack Roche -- an Islamist convicted of trying to blow up the Jewish Embassy...but I spose in your book that is just a racist plot set up by Howard and Ruddock against a man of white skin.

Extremism exists in all the Abrahamic religions -- it's just that members of Jewish and Christian groups (with a violent agenda) are not being arrested for plotting to blow up people and landmarks.

If you read the article on the prisoners converting to Islam it says that they have pictures of Osama Bin Laden in their cells, yes it does not make them terrorists per say, but given that he is a self confessed terrorist you could pretty much take it for granted that they follow his ideology of war against the West.

Falwell made awful comments against minorities and luckily his power waned in later years and he became a laughing stock. He died alone -- too bad.

It suprises me that an educated person would defend (apart from Legal Representatives) a bunch of guys plotting to kill Australians.

But then again, reading over some of your posts you seem as extreme as Falwell in some areas.

Damian Lataan said...

As I said Labowski, you can spin it any way you like. The bottom line is there is no ‘terrorism’ in Australia; just a lot of totally unsubstantiated allegations against Muslims – white or otherwise (the racism of Howard, Ruddock, et al, extends beyond the color of a mans skin. Their racism, like yours, as well as being the racism of blood and biology, is also of religion and culture).

I have seen no evidence whatsoever that any one has plotted to kill ‘Australians’. I’ve seen a lot of garbage in the mainstream press similar to the kind of stuff that you write, but I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever. Ipso facto, I’m not defending anyone planning to kill anyone – Australians or otherwise – unlike yourself it seems who supports the invasion, occupation, plundering and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As for your ‘war against the West’ crap – what war? It’s more like the West’s war against Islam. Most people are now aware that these wars were based on deliberate lies and instigated by a now very questionable so-called ‘terrorist attack’ on 11 September 2001. Slowly people are beginning to understand that, just as the war against Iraq was based totally on lies, so too are they beginning to understand that the circumstance around 9/11 is also based on lies.

The only ‘terrorists’ in Australia are the ones that Howard is training up to send to Iraq and Afghanistan to terrorise the people there. And when you bite people don’t be too surprised when they bite back.

Don't bother posting here again Labowski - I don't have time to pull you fascist, racist and very naive remarks apart.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if Halliburton should be put on any watch list after their big move from the United States to the Arab States same old story Mr Labowski, follow the money. Talk about the rats leaving the sinking ship.

Damian Lataan said...

Big Oil, Big Business, Big Military Industrial Complex, Big Israel. Funny how the same old names keep popping up when one Googles any one of these. As you say anonymous; follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Christian fundamentalism is alive and well in the great USA, almost unbelievable doco by Anrew Denton on the ABC last night "God On My Side" (21/05/07). Very scary people.

Anonymous said...

This chap would obviously be exercised by black Americans turning Muslim too.
Nobody discriminates between Al Qaeda, the Taleban and Muslims. Going into Iraq, they couldn't have told you the difference between Sunni and Shiite. This is just part of the 'noise machine' wound up on a recreation of the Crusades.
I've been hearing strange stories about private armies on U.S. soil. The neighbours at Blackwater's training camp are not favourably impressed at all.
I don't know if you follow Tom Engelhard's TomGrams but they make a guy think. He came out with a blast the other day about a scheme to inflame the Middle East that tracked exactly with my worst fears. Take a look at my Blogroll's Intel items for scary stuff - the study Don Rumsfeld hid is the 'Desert Crossing' NSA document. It could serve as a blueprint for Bush policies.
There is a lot of cross national co-operation going on in the perversion of our governments to take away freedom.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a read of "Report From Iron Mountain" might cut through some fog, not bad for a 30 year old piece of so called fiction, considering we are now living the dream.