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Friday, May 25, 2007


There’s a paragraph in George Tenet’s book, At the center of the storm: My years at the CIA, which confirms that the US planned to invade Afghanistan before 11 September 2001. It goes like this:

“At eight-thirty that evening [11 September 2001], speaking from the Oval Office, the president addressed the nation in terms both stirring and deeply earnest, including the first enunciation of what became known as the Bush Doctrine. “I’ve directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and bring them to justice”, he told a global audience of some eighty million people. “We will make no distinction between the terrorists that committed these acts and those who harbor them.” For us at CIA, the new doctrine meant that restraints were finally off. We already had on our shelves the game plan for going after al Qa’ida and its protectors, the Taliban, in Afghanistan .Now we could begin to implement it. Amid the sorrow of the day, we realised that we were finally going to be given the authorisation and the resources to do the job we knew had to be done.”[1] (My italics for emphasis.)

As if we didn’t already know! This, however, is primary evidence.

[1] George Tenet, At the center of the storm: My years at the CIA. (New York: Harper-Collins, 2007.) p. 170-171.


Anonymous said...

It's called a contingency plan Damian.

Damian Lataan said...

It certainly was a contingency plan sunshine. It was contingent on two things; the Taliban either accepting ‘a carpet of gold’ in exchange for US oil companies building a pipeline across Afghanistan or ‘a carpet of bombs’ if the Taliban failed to agree with US terms. Turns out the Taliban didn’t agree with US terms, so then the plan became contingent on the second thing; a casus belli for the US to attack Afghanistan. 11 September 2001 conveniently came along providing the casus belli to attack Afghanistan – just as soon as the finger of blame was pointed to al Qaeda (who just happened to be in Afghanistan); which was just moments after the ‘attacks’.

The problem with the assertion that there was a ‘contingency plan’ in place before 9/11 is that the US has always denied that there was any such plan before 9/11.

So, not only are you right sunshine, there was a contingency plan in place just waiting for a casu belli, but the Bush administration proved themselves once again to be liars.

Anonymous said...

Yes similar to what Howard did in Timor. He just went there to plunder their gas.

Damian Lataan said...

Right again sunshine! Conoco-Phillips was more than happy that the Australian government were able to secure the Timor Gap gas resources from the Timorese people. It was going to be so much more difficult to persuade the Indonesians to hand it over.

There are now several East Timorese leaders that now have well fattened bank accounts.