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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the cycles of torture and execution-style killings and the subsequent retaliatory bombings in Iraq stems from the highly organised killings of Sunnis being carried out by US and Israeli trained mercenaries in conjunction with Iraqi police death squads that are fully sanctioned by the US occupiers.

Sunni men are being randomly and clandestinely rounded up by covert squads of Iraqi police under the command of US and Israeli mercenaries, taken away and ‘interrogated’ for any information they can glean about the predominately Sunni insurgency against US occupation, and are then taken away to be executed and dumped.

The motivation of the perpetrators of these disgusting crimes is threefold. Firstly, there is the strong possibility that among any number of Sunni men that they do pick up there will be some that actually are insurgents and from these some intelligence may be gained. Second, in executing their captives they are inevitably ridding themselves of those that they see as their enemies. And finally of course, there is both the deterrence and the fear factor.

Executing captured insurgents is nothing new. Indeed, it was alleged that US-sponsored interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, personally executed some six captured insurgents at a Baghdad police station in July of 2004. Now the monthly body counts of tortured and executed Sunnis has become even more outrageous with some 234 bodies dumped around Baghdad in the first 11 days of May this year alone and that’s just the ones that have been found.

If the Americans and their allies left Iraq tomorrow the cycle of inter-Iraqi sectarian violence would have no reason to continue. It is the Americans that are pitting Sunnis against Shiites in the classic colonial game of divide and rule, but with the Americans gone the two factions will have no choice but to join forces in order to rebuild their shattered nation. The alternative is complete annihilation as a nation – something neither side really want or can afford to risk. To continue fighting would be pointless since, at the moment, there is nothing actually left to fight over and there will be even less when the Americans leave.

Which, of course, is why the US and their allies are quite happy to see and, indeed, encourage, the two sides to continue killing each other.

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