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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Will Howard at Webdiary is still pushing the lie that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. In a recent posting at Webdiary he starts by saying: “Another point about the Iran nuclear confrontation…”

One first needs to ask: What ‘Iran nuclear confrontation’? Iran has not confronted anyone with anything nuclear. The only people doing any ‘confronting’ are the Israelis and the neoconservatives in the US – both of whom do have nuclear weapons.

Will Howard goes on to say: “The US, UK, France, China, and Russia could reduce their stocks of nukes, and agree on a Central Asia/Mideast nuke-free zone.” What garbage! If these countries reduced their nuclear weapon stocks by 90% they’d still be able to destroy the planet a couple of times over. And, as far as the Middle East is concerned, the only Middle East nation that has nuclear weapons is Israel and they are hardly likely to relinquish their weapons to create a nuclear free zone.

Will Howard continues by saying: “I think the people who are really scared of a nuclear-armed Iran, are not so much the Israelis, but Arab powers like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.” [1] More garbage. As I have mentioned before, this tactic of wedging is typical Israeli Lobby practice. The reality, however, is that none of the Middle East nations need be scared of a nuclear-armed Iran because Iran is not nuclear-armed and nor is their any evidence whatsoever to suggest that it is intending to become so – except in the neocons and Israel’s propaganda-inspired imagination.

Elsewhere on another Webdiary post Will Howard has pedantically argued that the Shebaa Farms are not a part of Lebanon[2] and that, therefore, Israel is not on Lebanese land. He all but ignores the fact that, while who owns the land might well be in dispute, who doesn’t own the land is not in dispute – and that, of course, is Israel, yet they are the ones that are occupying the Shebaa Farms.

In the same post Will Howard asks sarcastically: “So why didn't the peace-loving Hezbollah at least give the UN a chance to reinvestigate the sovereignty of Shebaa Farms before launching Katyusha’s on "disputed" Zionist-occupied areas such as Safed?” The entire question is an attempt to obfuscate by inferring that somehow Hezbollah had attacked Israel because of the Shebaa Farms being occupied by the Israelis.

Safed[3] is nowhere near the Shebaa farms for a starters. And Hezbollah attacked towns like Safed in an effort to deter the Israelis from destroying Lebanon. Will Howard should be reminded that Israel had planned and launched its attack on Lebanon before Hezbollah retaliated with rockets.

Will Howard continues to lie and deceive.


[1] Will Howard, ‘Disarmament Blues’, Webdiary comment, 6 December 2006. Available online: Accessed 6 December 2006.
[2] Will Howard, ‘You say Denial I say “DeNile”’, Webdiary comment, 6 December 2006. Available online: Accessed 6 December 2006.
[3] Safed can be located on Google Earth at approximately 32° 57’ N and 35° 27’ E.


Anonymous said...

Damo, there is evidence to suggest that Iran would like to be a nuclear power. You might not find it compelling but it remains compelling for people in Europe, North America and, eys, Israel.

What would convince you that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons? An official announcement from the Iranian President?

Israel has never officially acknoweldged it has nuclear weapons - yet you state that they do. I am not denyng they do have them but why the difference in your assessment of speculation on Iran's nuclear program?

Despite many of the same people specultaing that both states have a nuclear program, you choose to believe them only for Israel and not for Iran.

Damian Lataan said...

There is no evidence. There certainly is no hard evidence whatsoever.

All we have is the accusations of two of Iran’s enemies; right-wing Zionist Israelis and the neoconservatives in the US – both nations I should remind you that do have nuclear weapons.

We’ve also heard all this garbage and propaganda before with Iraq just prior to the US led invasion of that country only to find, after over half a million people have died, that it was all lies just as most of us who are into reality said it was.

And even if Iran were looking for nuclear weapons; so what? The US has them and Israel, among others, does. What’s the problem with Iran? Since everyone is threatening each other I see no reason why, if weapons are held by other nations, that there should not be parity. The alternative is that everyone gets rid of all of their weapon stocks.

Besides, the vast majority of the world think that the US and Israel are the biggest threat to world peace; not Iran.