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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Just a quick one today about a couple of stories that caught my eye in The New York Times that summed up once again the arrogance and hypocrisy that underscores the US and their allies attitude towards the nations they have invaded and now occupy. The first article is headlined: ‘U.S. Says Captured Iranians Can Be Linked to Attacks’[1] in which it says:

“The American military said Tuesday that it had credible evidence linking Iranians and their Iraqi associates, detained here in raids last week, to criminal activities, including attacks against American forces. Evidence also emerged that some detainees had been involved in shipments of weapons to illegal armed groups in Iraq.”

First off, they are only ‘illegal’ as far as the US and their Iraqi puppets are concerned. Never mind, however, that the US and the Coalition of the Killing’s invasion of Iraq was itself illegal and that, therefore, they are in Iraq illegally themselves and that the killing they have undertaken since the invasion is also illegal. And why shouldn’t Middle East nations become allies in order to defeat a common enemy that has invaded one and threatened another – the Americans forget that it is they that are the foreigners in a country that doesn’t want them there.

The second article is headlined ‘Iran Is Seeking More Influence in Afghanistan’.[2] The hypocrisy here is exposed with this paragraph:

“The rise of Hezbollah, with Iran's support, has demonstrated the extent of Tehran's sway in Lebanon, and the American toppling of Saddam Hussein has allowed it to expand its influence in Iraq. Iran has been making inroads into Afghanistan, as well. During the tumultuous 1980s and '90s, Iran shipped money and arms to groups fighting first the Soviet occupation and later the Taliban government. But since the United States and its allies ousted the Taliban in 2001, Iran has taken advantage of the central government's weakness to pursue a more nuanced strategy: part reconstruction, part education and part propaganda.”

The Americans it seems are arrogant enough to forget that Afghanistan is Iran’s neighbour and the construction work they do in Afghanistan is far more welcome than the destruction the Americans seem only to bring. And, again, why should the people of Lebanon not look to Iran for support in order to defeat their common enemies; the US and right-wing Israeli Zionism. After all, does not the US ship arms and money to Israel?

One day the Americans are going to wake up and realise that they have nothing to offer the people of the Middle East or anywhere else they go if all they bring with them is death and destruction accompanied by their arrogance and hypocrisy.

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[2] David Rhode, ‘Iran Is Seeking More Influence in Afghanistan’, The New York Times, 27 December 2006. Available online: Accessed 27 December 2006.

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