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Friday, December 15, 2006


I usually know when I’m getting close to the mark with any assertion I make about Israeli operations in the occupied territories regardless of whether they are overt or covert or any assertion I make that is inconsistent with neoconservative ideology; the Israeli Loony Lobby apologists react by jumping up and down shouting ‘conspiracy theory’ and questioning my intellectual integrity.

In short, they protesteth too much.

In fact, its got to the point now where, if I don’t get a reaction, I wonder about whether I’m right or not!

In recent times a fascist/neoconservative, Dylan Kissane, has taken to making comments in response to some of my postings. Most of them I have left published but lately I have deleted comments because they were simply propaganda comments pushing his own fascist/neoconservative garbage and, since he now has his own blog, I will not allow him to use this blog to spew his fascist views.

In typical fascist/neoconservative fashion Kissane has taken to distorting the contents of my postings.

For example; in a post titled ‘A response to a right-wing pro-Israeli Zionist who uses the ‘Holocaust’ as a propaganda tool to defend right-wing Zionism’ I stated:

“…the word ‘Holocaust’ is one that has all but been usurped by right-wing Zionists to symbolize the horrors that were committed on Jews by the Nazis whereas in reality the Jews were not the Nazis only victims; many, many others died alongside Jews in camps that were designed for exterminating all sorts of peoples besides Jews.”[1]

In response Kissane deliberately and dishonestly distorted what I had written saying:

“That's right: the Holocaust is not about the destruction of the Jewish people in Europe.”[2]

Yet that is not what I said. I have stated that it was indeed about the destruction of the Jewish people in Europe but adding that there were many, many others as well that perished in the Holocaust.

With regard to Israeli operations in the occupied territories, my most recent post suggested strongly that there could well be more to the recent deliberate killings of children than mistaken identity within inter-factional fighting among the Palestinians saying that the Israelis have form[3] for this kind of false-flag operation whereby they, usually Mossad or its agents, commit some heinous crime and make it look as though someone else was responsible in order to create trouble between entities whether they are nations, political groups or rival individuals. Kissane reacted vehemently shouting ‘Conspiracy theory!’ and carrying on about how terrible it was that Hamas should do such things. If, indeed, it was Hamas then, yes, it is terrible. The problem is there wasn’t a peep from Kissane when the Israeli terrorist forces in the Gaza opened fire into innocent men, women and children, not a peep.

Kissane has no honesty or integrity left. He has become as deceitful and dishonest as the other warmongering lying Israeli Loony Lobbyists here in Australia.

Neocons reacting vehemently and dishonestly are a fairly typical neoconservative characteristic when one is getting close to the truth.


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