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Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Neoconservative propagandist and Israeli apologist, Jonathan Tobin writing in Commentary yesterday, attempted to justify Israel’s latest grab of some 400 hectares of West Bank land. Tobin attempts justify the grab by saying that the land in question is ‘state land’ adjacent to one of Israel’s earliest settlements in the West Bank which was built after the 1967 war. He argues that in the event of Palestine being given statehood, the land and the settlement would become a part of Israel under an arrangement whereby Israel accede some other lands to Palestine in exchange.

There’s a number of problems with this piece nonsense, not least of which is the fact that Israel and the ultra right-wing Zionists have no intention of ever allowing the Palestinians to have a state of their own and therefore there will never be any kind ‘land swap’.

Tobin goes on to write:

Let’s be clear about this. Neither the ownership nor the future of Gush Etzion is up for debate in any peace talks. In every peace plan, whether put forward by Israel’s government or its left-wing opponents, the bloc remains part of Israel, a reality that most sensible Palestinians accept.

Tobin and his fellow Zionists both in Israel and throughout the world might be in for a rather rude awakening sooner or later at some time in the future.

It is very presumptuous to believe that the Palestinians will accept anything other than full control of all of the West Bank including removal of all of the settlements and a return of all of their lands swallowed up by the meandering Israeli ‘security’ wall and fence.

Israel is beginning to realise that worldwide support for the Palestinian cause is growing rapidly and at the expense of support for Israel. People around the world can now see through Israel’s lies and propaganda. The recent wars against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and Israel’s oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank has shown the world that that real ‘terrorists’ all along have been the Israelis with their relentless bombardment and killings of civilians of the Gaza Strip and their shootings of Palestinian protestors in the West Bank. Israel’s credibility is crumbling rapidly and, in the end, it’s likely to be the demands of the peoples of the world that will ultimately allow the Palestinians to prevail in their quest for statehood – without conceding any of their lands to the Israelis. 

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