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Friday, September 19, 2014


According to this Guardian report Abbott has ‘played down the possibility that Australia’s renewed involvement in Iraq would increase the chance of terror plots against Australian targets. He said Australia was targeted in Bali in 2002 before any involvement in the previous Iraq war’.

This is utter nonsense. All Abbott is attempting here is to mimic John Howard’s ridiculous attempt to hoodwink the Australian people over the reasons for the Bali bombings.

Today’s terror threats – if, indeed, there really are any – are as a direct result of this government’s plans to send Australian forces to Islamic lands for the purpose of killing so-called ‘Islamic’ militants. And, while the Bali bombings did happen some six months before Howard joined the US in invading and destroying Iraq in March 2003, the bombings occurred because the Indonesian militants that were responsible for the bombings knew, just like all Australians knew, that, despite all of Howards worthless denials at the time about not having made a decision about going to Iraq, that there was never any doubt that he would. Howard used the Bali bombings for his own political purposes and may even have manipulated circumstances to have allowed the outrage to occur.

For Abbott to infer that the present threat level isn’t as a response to Abbott’s plans to enjoin the US in their fight against so-called ‘Islamist’ militants is downright garbage. And, in light of the way Howard used the Bali bombings to suit his political agenda, one has to wonder to what extent threats today in Australia haven’t been contrived to suit Abbott’s political agenda.

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