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Saturday, September 22, 2012


In Israel’s latest attempt to justify never giving the Palestinian people their freedom, Israel are attempting to make the resolution to the Palestinian refugee problem, created when Zionists created Israel in a land grab that went far beyond the requirements of Partition, contingent on there being a resolution to the so-called Jewish refugee problem caused by the reaction of Arab states to the Zionists original takeover of Palestinian lands. Based on the resolution of one problem being contingent on the resolution of the other, it’s clear that neither will ever happen – which, of course, is exactly why this new plan has been dreamed up.

Israel has never had any intention of resolving the Palestinian refugee problem which has been one of the fundamental demands of the Palestinians in reaching any settlement. Instead, Israel, rather than concede any lands to the Palestinians, has slowly and insidiously taken over the West Bank by creating Jewish settlements and interlinking them with a series of access roadways which are only available for use by Israelis.

Next thing you know Israel will be demanding that the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and south Lebanon up to the Litani River be annexed to Israel to compensate for the lands lost by Jews who became refugees from other Arab lands. Completely lost will be the fact that Jews lost their lands in other Arab countries in the first place due entirely to Zionists plundering Palestinian lands in what is now Israel.


Anonymous said...

Greatest danger to "mankind" - Zionist Nuclear illegaly armed Israel.
There is no need to any reasoning why Israel this or that, what they think, propose etc...This place should be colectively dismanteled by concentrated efford of Whole Nations on Earth. Full stop!
Its PEACE on Earth, or WW3 with horrible result for all....
peter czech

Anonymous said...

Exodus to Khazaria....

So-called "Jews" are not actually Israelites....THEREFORE NOT ISRAEL

Zionazi SAVAGE TERRORISM in Palestine

the brutal Truth


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