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Saturday, September 01, 2012


A report in the Jerusalem Post says that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lost his cool at US Ambassador Dan Shapiro over Obama’s continued stance that sanctions and diplomacy needs more time to work. “Time has run out”, says Netanyahu to Shapiro and Republican congressman Mike Rogers who was accompanying him.

According to the report Netanyahu was “particularly angry and stressed”; apparently “sparks flew”.

The question is: Is Netanyahu just playing the roll of the ‘let me at ‘em’ bad cop while Obama continues to play the ‘good cop’ role for a little longer until the election or is Netanyahu really going to go off like a loose canon?

It comes back to this: Netanyahu, whether he’s playing a role or not, cannot attack Iran without the full connivance of the US as I’ve explained many times elsewhere at this blog.

Netanyahu is certainly upping the ante; however, I still don’t think anything will happen this side of the Presidential election.


Anonymous said...,7340,L-3083,00.html

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, said in an interview published Friday that he does not believe President Barack Obama will order an attack on Iran, now or in the future, and urged Israel to attack Iran's nuclear program on its own.

any day now

another false flag....WHITE SUPREMACISTS....

good on you


Damian Lataan said...

I wouldn't believe a thing Bolton says!

Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

There is more to BF than many bloggers think. The 23 nov. 2011
trilliion dollar lawsuit filed by the tough Irish plaintiff Neil Keenan is not based on quicksand but as real as the earth is not flat. He is about to grill the Rothschild Fed.

That there was no nuclear false flag as always mossad made at the London Olympics that would surpass 911 etc. can be attributed to this move by the awakened faction of the Pentagon.

The foaming of Netanyahu is real,
he and his Rothschild capos know their game is over.

One thing only with BF he talks about a reconciliation South Africa style with these Banksters and their agents. That would be class justice optima forma.

All should be brought to The Hague
where they can play bridge with Mladic, Karadzic, Taylor and the like, afterwards a life long holiday in Gitmo.

Not impossible. The Hague issued a verdict in 1998 to the Fed to return tons of gold entrusted to them by Chinese families in 1938
(they were afraid the Japanese would loot it. The deadline of the
verdict was 12 sept. 2001.


Anonymous said...

Tutu: Bush, Blair should face trial at the Hague

Bush must be happy with this suggestion of Tutu. Bush said somewhere ...if people will find out what we did to them they hang us at a lamppost...
Blair always tries to pose as a gentleman. He is a 33 degree free mason so....

But also Bad Elisa II and Bilderberg Beatricks- she has the pro that it is just around the corner-and other euro royals etc. should go to The Hague to explain something.


Anonymous said...

This i like to add, i guess you'll
let me know if it is too much.

I worked in the morning in the Central Library in Amsterdam and glimpsed at your post and reacted.
Was still half asleep. took 1 1/2 hr. to brew roughly about the same
content. After a little editing i pushed the orange button and the the entire comment was deleted. I still had 1 1/2 free internet time left. I wrote about 'the awAkened
(911SRAELDIDIT!!)faction of the Pentagon belitteling Naughty Yahu etc. Whenever i do some stuff in that Amsterdam library i don't give a reaction anymore to the staff. This time i did. A tart who already put me out for a day 2-3 years ago was trying to be clever with me. She found the story i served her too complicagted. I reracted furiously: ok to cut the story short; THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC LIBRAY, LITLLE LADY. BUT A JEWISH LIBRARY. (She threatened to call the p;olice if i didnot leave..... CIA O