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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A recent report in The Australian has brought to light the way in which the fighting in Syria is being regulated by the US. According to the report, the CIA is denying anti-Assad fighters the heavier weapons they need to oust the al-Assad regime. In effect, by drip-feeding the rebels the arms they need in this way, the war is being deliberately prolonged by the US despite the fact that the US in its rhetoric clearly wants the al-Assad to go.

There can only be one explanation for this; Obama, while telling the world he wants to see the back of al-Assad in Syria, doesn’t want the war to end prior to the November elections.

This could mean that the US and Israel have other plans for Syria after the US Presidential elections.

With Syria out of the Iran equation, Israel would find it difficult to justify an attack against Hezbollah when an attack against Iran is launched by Israel and the US. When such an attack does occur, which in all likelihood will be after the election regardless of who wins, Israel and the US will also launch an all-out attack against Syria as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon. This way it ensures that only the anti-Assad faction that the US approves of will become the new Syrian government and at the same time Israel retains the ‘pre-emptive strike’ excuse for attacking Hezbollah. If al-Assad of Syria were to be deposed now, it would cut off supplies to Hezbollah. And with no supplies, it would be difficult for Israel to justify launching a pre-emptive attack against Hezbollah.

The bigger picture dictates that, when the final confrontation comes after the elections, it would be better to deal with all of Israel’s enemies at once rather than have a whole series of smaller wars. One big war and its fait accompli as far as the Zionist/Neocon cabal are concerned. They want to kill a lot of birds in one glorious Final Confrontation.

It’s time to be on the streets demanding an end to this nonsense.  

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