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Monday, August 13, 2012


Israeli Defence Force (IDF) chief Benny Gantz was quoted in Arutz Sheva on Friday that “Recent events require the IDF to prepare for every scenario - even a multi-front confrontation.”

The recent events that Gantz was referring to were the attack against an Egyptian military unit last week that Israel blamed on Palestinian ‘jihadists’ from the Gaza Strip. Hamas, the Palestinian resistance organisation that governs the Gaza Strip, has denied that the men behind the attack on the Egyptians were from the Gaza. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has accused the Israeli Mossad organisation for the attacks. Meanwhile, military action in the Sinai has continued over this last weekend when Egyptian security forces killed some six gunmen of unknown origin.

Apart from the recently developed situation in the Sinai, the general situation in the Middle East has also prompted Gantz to proffer statements that seem to be preparing the Israeli people generally for an all out regional war particularly against their arch-enemy, Iran.

The most recent of Middle East developments has been the reshuffling of the military hierarchy by Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. The move seems to have removed most, if not all, powers from the Egyptian military and handed them to the civilian government. The move is bound to be of concern to the Israelis who will see the move as increasing the power of Islamists in Egypt.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) regarding Iran’s supposed ‘nuclear weapons program’ has, it seems, also added to the potentially explosive mix of conditions that could lead to the final confrontation with all of Israel’s enemies.

The way things are lining up at the moment, the final confrontation which could destroy much of the Middle East is now only months away.

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Jeffrey Kotyk said...

Your analysis is so lucid yet brief. Thanks so much for keeping this blog. It puts things into perspective. If the powder keg ignites I hope you will keep writing regularly on the situation.