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Sunday, June 24, 2012


It seems the third round of talks with Iran over its nuclear program has not resolved what the West sees as a problem and as a consequence the neoconservatives have reverted to their usual rhetoric of calling for urgent military action before the Iranians cross the ‘nuclear threshold’ and have enough enriched material to build a bomb.

In the latest issue of The Weekly Standard, Jamie Fry and William Kristol write, without, one might add, a skerrick of evidence to support their claim, that:

This is a regime committed to developing nuclear weapons, despite the cost to the Iranian economy and the toll on the Iranian people.

They go on to write:

Time is running out and the consequences of inaction for the United States, Israel, and the free world will only increase in the weeks and months ahead. It’s time for Congress to seriously explore an Authorization of Military Force to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

This is all familiar stuff and we’ve heard it all before, but now, with seemingly no further talks planned, the neoconservatives are beginning to consolidate both Democrat and Republican support in Congress for debate on the military option. In a letter to President Obama signed by 44 Senators from both sides of the Senate, they urged the President to make it clear that ‘a credible military option exists’.

The failure of the talks might also give Netanyahu some serious food for thought. He knows that, despite Obama’s reluctance to got to war against Iran this side of the Presidential elections, if Israel were to launch an attack against Iran, then the US would instantaneously enjoin the war with Israel taking over straight away from Israel while Israel deals with Hezbollah and Hamas to pre-empt any retaliatory attacks from either. As I have said so many times before, this is what the whole ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ is really all about; it’s not about Iran or its nuclear weapons, it’s about Israel and the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of its enemies.

The neoconservative-run Emergency Committee for Israel has already ramped up the propaganda for war against Iran.


Anonymous said...

I was reading in a UK aviation journal a rather detailed analysis of all the ins and outs for the israeli's.
Conclusions; they can only do a limited amount of damage short of a nuclear strike themselves where even their best planes (F-15I for example) can only drop <200 bombs onto known Iranian facilities, accomodations, defence suppression and air fields.
So I agree, the yanks would have to join in an an integral part of the war (and thats what it would be), which raises questions about just who is the aggressor and the international reaction!.

Nylon Shirt

Anonymous said...

It sees the american empire is trying the same tactics its employed in the past with iraq.
First pretend they are a threat, then demonise followed by crippling sanctions to weaken them before war leading to little resistance. (while constantly maintaining the propaganda of threat, demonisation and sanctions which serve as counters to the abhorrance of war most people feel)

Same with Julian Assange too, where by now he's in stage 3, being steadily weakened by funding prohibitons and propaganda apparatchiks like Janet Albechtson in todays 'Australian' newpaper the latest to receive her 'orders' to slag him off.
That ghastly woman really should have her computer's electronic thesaurus switched off as she really goes over the top with her zealotry and assertions against people she dislikes (which is everyone who disagrees with her beloved God the USA).

Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

It's exactly the same as what happend in Iraq, NS. But what gets me is; how come the rest of the world can't see it??

I can see what the Israel/US endgame is as clear daylight. Why can't anyone else?

Maybe they can but don't want to face reality of it.

The worse is yet to come, NS, - especially if Romney gets up. Then we're really in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Indeed Damian,

War in Iran entailing mass deaths, regionally as well as inside the country, world recession and ongoing resistance ala Iraq and Afghanistan.
Of yes of course as for the nuclear weapons programme, none will be found there either just like Iraq I'll warrant!.

A few things do mitigate this awful outcome though,such as a depleted U.S war machine where the wheels are falling off. eg.
I heard this week in fact that every 17 minutes a U.S soldier suicides!.
So economically they can't afford a new war and moreso if China steps in and directly threatens the yanks ala Suez in '56 economically.
Recall in recent years China as threatened the yanks over Pakistan in a similar way (little reported ).

Also I'm sure the Iranians would announce to the world that any attack on them would lead to the activation of a long and dirty resistance plan after watching the Iraq and Afghan defeats inflicted on the yanks over the past decade.

I think the world pressure and inside the U.S if the prospect of a new Iranian insurgency was announced , would make even the yanks have second thoughts.

If the yanks can't even win in Iraq and Afghanistan, imagine another decade or more fighting Iranian resistors.
eg. Small raiding parties based in the mountains mounting attacks on international shipping in the Gulf.
Plus raids across the border into Afghanistan to hit U.S bases or Iraqi support too.

Also listen to our fellow slack arsed Aussies start whinging in the lead up to war and the aftermath when petrol prices triple !.

So all is not so gloomy,
Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

Unfortunately, NS, the Americans have a very long history of not learning any lesson from their past inglorious actions.

Talking of China, this piece from top neocon warmonger Max Boot might be of interest to you:

Take a look at the last paragraph.