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Sunday, June 10, 2012


At the beginning of the month I asked ‘Who was killing who in Syria?’ It seemed to me that, no matter what one might think of al-Assad, there seemed to be no logic from his point of view in committing such horrendous crimes at this stage of the crisis knowing that the US, Israel and the British are keen to get into Syria to ‘intervene’ (propaganda jargon for ‘regime change’). I then asked who would have most to gain from a false flag massacre of this type. I suggested the US and/or Israel being responsible based on the fact that, one, they are Assad’s two main protagonists and, two, they both have form for these types of outrages.

It turns out I was right about who didn’t do it; al-Assad, but wrong about who did – or at least partially wrong.

It now seems that the culprits were in fact anti-al-Assad Syrian Sunni rebels and that many of the victims were Alawi and Shia who are mostly supporters of al-Assad’s regime. I suggest ‘partially wrong’ because it could well be that it was the US/Israel that put the real culprits up to do the deadly deeds in order to try and get Russia and China onside for ‘intervention’.

Last week I wrote that the neocons were now split over what to do about Syria but it now seems that the neocons are coming into line and opting for the ‘let’s not support the rebels’ side of the argument. It’ll come as no surprise then that the source for the ‘al-Assad didn’t do it’ story comes from the neocons at National Review Online via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

It seems that the neocon rush to overthrow nasty Middle Eastern dictators in order to have lots of happy Arabs voting in a democracy is not as important as ensuring that all these newly liberated Arabs don’t go and waste their vote on the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamic political parties.

But back to the crimes. It is essential that whoever did these crimes – and also whoever put them up to do these crimes, regardless of who they are – should face justice as war criminals in the international courts.    

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