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Monday, May 07, 2012


In his column today at the Herald-Sun, Andrew Bolt wrote the perfect metaphor that reflects his loathing and contempt for native Australian people.

In his article, Bolt describes how native Australian Possums in his neighbourhood are eating out the tops of the trees that have been planted down his street and have now moved into his garden. Never mind, of course, that it was he that had actually moved into their garden in the first place – a garden that they had occupied for millions of years before Bolt’s family arrived there. But that wouldn’t worry the likes of Bolt who now looks upon all of Australia’s natives, human or animal, that impinge into what he now thinks is his world, as ‘an army of giant rats’.

It’s his metaphor for describing what he feels about those that are different from him. His contempt doesn’t stop at native Australian Possums and Australia’s native peoples.

Just because he is Australian-born, he truly believes that he is a ‘native’ himself and that Aboriginal people, therefore, should become as he is – Australian.

The problem is; Bolt is not a ‘native’ as he likes to think he is. Being born here doesn’t make you a ‘native’. He is – like most who call themselves Australian – an introduced species. The word ‘Australia’ itself is a non-native construct that’s barely just a few hundred years old. The natives called their lands by other names – they still do. None of them were ‘Australia’.

(When one sees it like that, then I’m wrong in calling Aboriginal people; ‘native Australians’. I’m even wrong in calling native Possums; ‘Australian’ native Possums. More correctly I should be referring to them as being native to a land we – we who are not native to – call ‘Australia’.)

But, as I said, it doesn’t stop there for Bolt. His new-found nationalistic arrogance about being ‘Australian’ is so powerful that he now resents not just Possums living in his street but any person new to Australia who is not like him. Just as Possums and Aboriginal people are alien to him, so too are Arab, Central Asian and African people, and especially if they are Islamic and dress differently from him and what he perceives as an ‘Australian’ way of dressing.

Recently Bolt was taken to court for vilifying Aboriginal people. He was found guilty. Now Bolt is playing his conviction for all it’s worth in order further push his racist agenda.

Bolt denies that he vilified Aboriginal people claiming that he was only pointing out that some people are claiming to be Aboriginal in order to gain some kind of pecuniary advantage. He supported his accusations by saying that these people were so un-Aboriginal looking that they couldn’t possibly really be Aboriginals and that they, therefore, were frauds. Fortunately, Judge Mordecai Bromberg was able to see right through Bolt’s ploy and saw it for what it really was – blatant lies designed to specifically vilify Aboriginal people. Bromberg then ordered Bolt not to repeat such vilifying lies. Bolt has since responded by claiming he has lost his freedom of speech.

So now, instead of saying exactly what thinks, he uses metaphors as above and links to other racists writings who say what he is unable to. Despite all his denials, Bolt remains an outrageous racist. One day Murdoch will wake up to the fact that Bolt is not doing the image of Australia any good at all and shut him down. Australia will then be a far better place for everyone to live in – native or otherwise.

And even a better place for Possums to live in.


Anonymous said...

I like to go running in the evening for half and hour, several nights a week.
My bird thinks I'm mad but I don't mind.
Anyway I always put a piece of apple on a fence post as I depart to feed a local possum I call "Percy'.
He's a big lad and over time I find him waiting for me to receive his apple!.
People who dislike animals tells me much about the darkness that dominates their soul.

An apt expression of what is within Bolt manifesting in his dislike of our four legged friends.

Beware of people with a dark heart.

Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

And, of course, NS, we all know what he really hates. Possums are just the start.

P.S. You'll be pleased to hear my PhD is finished, handed up, examined and passed, and I hope to have it published later.

Anonymous said...

This is good to hear Damian mate.
Now is this the Ph.D on the neocons or the one on the Daleks and how they're manipulating us already behind the scenes?.

Oh yes silly me, they're the same aren't they!.
What a duffer I am!.

Seriously now, yes you should air your thesis publically as doubtless you've made some penetrative observations about these ratbags.
I'd have a read of it!.

be good to possums,

Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

G'day NS

The thesis is titled; 'The New American Century: Neoconservatism and its influence on US foreign policy in the Middle East, 2000-2010'. Being an academic work it's a bit dry so it'll have to be re-written before publishing, but, yes,it is fairly revealing.

Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Damian mate,

I'm confident you've identified some worthy points in your work for what has been a most peculiar time in history.

Conversationally, my own conclusions equate this period as being similar to when other malignant empires 'crossed the line' and began a rapid decline which we see now with the yanks and their hubris.

I was reminded of this on the weekend watching the evening news and a story on the 'Guantanamo five' trial.
Some old duck watching the proceedings noted the contempt the accused held for the U.S manifested by their behaviour.
The implication: The American empire is portrayed as some kind of model of virtue that must be accommodated to without question.
That old duck was so clueless after all that time, she and others like her will never understand.

Anyway, the yanks are now in the same morass (albeit with different characteristics) as the British post WW2, the Soviets in the '70's and '80's or Australia in the Howard, Rudd,Gillard stagnation.
I find it revealing that others are thinking similarly and mendacious contrarians in denial trying to link up the U.S case with and exact match that existed in other nations in decline- the usual tactics of equivication.

Moreover I'm actually less worried about the yanks as the period you've described has actually helped people globally by removing the scales form their eyes and seeing the yanks for the monsters they really are.
As I say they've 'crossed the line' as their reputation now is so dreadful they've created globally a new stereotype that they've never be able to shift.
America the warmonger, the bully, the torturer, the arrogant and stupid, all wrapped up in khaki symbology.

A simple test for you and others:
What do you think of when I say;
Germany or Muslims or British;

I'll wager its; Nazi's, bearded terrorists and toffy nosed posh accents etc.
These stereotypes never go away (as the germans) and so it is with the yanks now with the global perception now.
In effect they're seen as the new nazi's or communists etc as we saw others in the past.
They've had it!.

Thanks for your time mate,

Nylon Shirt