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Monday, May 21, 2012


On this coming Wednesday, 23 May 2012, the P5+1 group will meet in Baghdad with Iranian negotiators for the next round of talks regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Neocons are not putting any faith in the outcome of the talks. Michael Rubin writing in Commentary says:

No deal will change the overall trajectory of Iranian nuclear aims, however. The regime has already made those too clear, not only in terms of rhetoric but also in terms of action.

And Jonathan Tobin, also writing in Commentary, reckons:

In theory, a deal that would remove the stockpile of weapons grade uranium and halt any more production would hamper Iran’s plans for a bomb. But any agreement that leaves those facilities intact, rather than having them dismantled and which would allow the production of more refined uranium, even if it is supposed to be not useful for a bomb, is the sort of framework the Iranians could use to bypass the restrictions. Moreover, any diplomatic process that can be dragged out for many months before it is put into effect will simply allow Iran more time to get closer to a bomb, and at the end of the process, it could, as it has done with previous Western-brokered deals for uranium shipment, simply opt out of the agreement.

The neocons clearly do not want the talks to succeed. Failure will mean that the use of force will be much more likely – which is exactly what the neoconservatives and the hard-right Zionists of Israel really want.

However, the associated conditions that are likely to accompany such a concession are not likely to be acceptable to Iran and this latest revelation is more than likely just a furphy to float the idea that Israel can be flexible in talks. In reality they will not be. The Israelis want regime change in Iran – as do the US – and an opportunity to attack Hamas and Hezbollah, and war with Iran is the only way that can be achieved.

Tune in next Wednesday for the next exciting episode.

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