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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


There was a time, back in the last century and before, when the phrase ‘anti-Semitism’ simply meant a hatred of Jewish peoples for no reason other than they were Jews. This unfounded hatred built up over centuries and culminated in the tragedy that occurred during the Second World War when Nazis, their sympathisers and fellow travellers, together with other Jew-haters throughout Europe, jumped on Hitler’s bandwagon of anti-Semitism in an attempt to wipe out European Jewry.

At the end of the war when the full extent of the attempted extermination of European Jewry became known, the world was horrified. But, despite the defeat of Nazism, the punishment of many of those responsible, and the universal condemnation of what had happened, a latent anti-Semitism lingered on into the post-war period not just among the peoples of the nations that carried out and assisted in the atrocities, but even among some peoples that were part of the nations that were Allies who eventually defeated Nazism and brought an end to the war and the atrocities that went with it. White-supremacist neo-Nazi groups flourished during the post-war years and the ‘anti-Semite’ label became synonymous with both those who had hated Jews and those that continued to do so.

To this day, there are still anti-Semites, mostly white-supremacists and neo-Nazis, who continue to hate Jews for no reason other than they are Jews.

However, there has evolved from this an opportunity for some to abuse the anti-Semitic label for nefarious propaganda purposes other than to identify true anti-Semites. It’s rather unfortunate that those that are now misusing the term are themselves Jewish.

Zionists, intent on creating a Greater Israel at the expense of the Arab people by building and farming on their lands, are now attempting to use the ‘anti-Semite’ label against anyone who condemns Israeli Zionists and their supporters for their actions against the Palestinian people as the Zionists attempt to create their Greater Israel. Zionists and their supporters, particularly neoconservatives, are especially adept at mis-using the term as part of their propaganda to demonise their critics and enemies.

The method they use is simple: Instead of identifying specific criticism against Zionism and addressing that criticism, Zionists and their neoconservative supporters simply condemn the criticism – any criticism – as being anti-Semitic, and those that are doing the criticising as being anti-Semitic ‘jew-haters’. In some cases, even other Jews that criticise Zionism are being labelled ‘anti-Semites’ though more often the term ‘self-hating Jew’ is used.

The objective of such mis-labelling by Zionists and their supporters is transparent; it is to paint those that criticise Zionism as the same kind of evil anti-Semites that attempted to destroy European Jewry during the last century. Fortunately, such propaganda devices are indeed transparent and, for the most part, such mis-use of the label has been exposed and dismissed simply as abusive propaganda by right-wing Zionist extremists and their neoconservative supporters.

But while it is easy for most to dismiss the mis-use of the ‘anti-Semite’ label as outrageous propaganda by extremists, it does have an extremely unfortunate side-effect inasmuch that its mis-use devalues the true meaning and use of the label. If the ‘anti-Semite’ label is bandied around inappropriately too often in the way it has been then there will come a time when its true and proper use will become ignored – until, once again, it is too late.
The ‘anti-Semite’ label was once a powerful tool that could be used against those that attempted to resurrect the age-old hatreds that were, and still are, levelled against Jews just because they are Jews. However, Zionists and neocons that abuse the ‘anti-Semite’ label for purely political and propaganda purposes diminish the memory of those that perished at the hands of those that really were anti-Semites.


Anonymous said...

The charge of anti-semitism is valid.

The targetting of but a single state in the entire Middle-East (the Jewish state of Israel) to be "dismantled" is disrciminatory and racist.

Not a single other state in the region is relegated to such a fate in modern Marxist doctrine. Not a single member of the 23 strong Arab League, comprising over 300 million residents of the region, are targetted for such a "solution".

It's only the Jewish state, and the Jewist state alone, whom the Marxists have targetted for "dismantlement".

This is why Marxists are correctly identified as racists, due to their hatred of the collective Jew.

It comes as no surprise.

Marxism has a long & sordid history of bigoted policies against Jews.
For example, in the former Soviet Union;
- Synagogues were often placed under police surveillance, both openly and through the use of informers
- Jews were disallowed from enlisting in some universities, working in certain professions, or participating in some aspects of government
- Jews were prohibited from leaving.
(former Australian PM Bob Hawke in the early 80's was instrumental in freeing Soviet Jewry).
- Hebrew was banned
- You were even marked as "Jew" in your identity document:

(a practice Russia has since discarded)

The racism tag has been well earned. Most disgracefully, however, is how reluctant modern Marxists are to depart from such shamefully xenophobic policies and leave them in the rubbish bin of history where they ought to remain.

It's time for some inner reflection, for such divisive policies will never end the conflict.

Damian Lataan said...

The 'Jewish state', as you put it, hasn't been 'targetted for dismantlement'; merely rearrangement.

Israel, contrary to what you suggest, is not a 'Jewish state'; around 20% of Israel's population are Arab.

There is no 'hatred of the collective Jew' by the Left; there is only loathing of racist and expansionist Zionism.

Anonymous said...

If 20% of Israel is Arab, then it's awfully remiss to ignore the other 80% of Jews.

Just as the ISLAMIC republic of Iran is Muslim, just as Turkey is an ISLAMIC democracy, so Israel is a Jewish democratic state.

It's hardly Buddhist, is it?

And it's regretfully euphemestic to describe the dissolution of the Jewish state of Israel as "merely rearrangement"

Which other states in the region, name just one please, is destined under Marxist doctrine to be "merely rearranged"?

Just one.

Or is it only the Jews who are to suffer such a denial of their sef-determination?

Surely you must also advocate the same treatment to even just oe other state? Right?

Just as the examples of anti-Jewish racism in the USSR were solidly xenophobic, so the same strain of vile bigotry continues to exist.

And just like with Nazism, it will take the quashing of Marxism to rid the world of such a hateful, racist dogma that seeks to mete out selective treatment to one people only.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, it was you who ignored the 20% of Arabs that live in Israel.

You say it is regretful that I use the term 'rearrange the state of Israel', yet that is exactly what the Zionists of Israel want to do by building settlements in lands that are part of a future Palestine.

Arabs, particularly Palestinians, don't have a problem with Jews per se; their beef is with Zionists. The fact that most - not all - are Jewish is purely incidental.

The vast majority of Leftists are anti-Zionist; not anti-Semitic. Indeed, many are themselves Jewish. Zionist attempts to paint the Left as anti-Semitic in order to demonise was exposed long ago as a simple fraud. Most people can see right through that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The 5% of Palestinian land in the West Bank currently used for settlements is to be traded for land in Israel proper (which will go to the new Palestinian state).

This land swap theory has already been accepted by the Quartet, including the United Nations.

Any remaining settlements outside of the 5% swap are to be dissolved from existance (or, "merely rearranged", to use your description).

Palestinians certainly do have a problem with Jews. Current Palestinian law forbids the legitimate sale of land to JEWS. Not Israelis. Jews.

Current Palestinian law forbids JEWS to become citizens of Palestine. Not Israelis. Jews.

Current Palestinian text books deny the Holocaust that took place against JEWS. Not Israelis. Jews.

Anti-Jewish racism from the Left is sadly alive and well today in the form of ancient canards ad bigoted stereotypes that circulate and emanate from the Left.

These include racist conspiracy theories, akin to the Nazi era, about Jews having some inordinate control over the media, controlling the worlds finances, and of course some magical control over the world's political system.

It seems the radical Left is simply unable to understand that some people in the West actually support the democratic state of Israel.

Instead, because such a logical situation is unfathomable to their racist brains, they invent bigoted conspracy theories to satisfy their craven xenophobia.

Damian Lataan said...

Palestinians are not inclined to give any of their land away in exchange for anything. They want ALL of their lands returned. They want full right of return for all refugees to their former homes and lands.

Anti-Jewish racism from the Left is sadly only alive and well in the paranoid and delusional minds of Zionists. The Left, Jews and non-Jews alike, support a free, sovereign, and totally independent Palestine.

Palestine forbids sale of land to Jews not because they are Jews, but because the land will be turned over to Israelis or Jewish immigrants who will become Israelis, thus displacing Palestinians and their sovereignty over the land.

All Israelis should leave Palestine and return the lands that have been stolen from the Palestinians including the lands taken to build the wall.

The alternative is for Israel to annex all of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and give all Palestinians therein equal rights and complete political freedom as well as the freedom to live where they like in a nation shared by Jews and Arabs alike.

Ultimately, the OneState solution will be the only solution.

At the moment, Zionists do want Palestine to exist and Palestinians do not want Israel to exist in its present racist and Nazi-like form.

Damian Lataan said...

Sorry, Anonymous; I'm not interested in arguing any further with your demented bigotry. Au revoir.