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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The Murdoch ‘journalist’ [sic], Andrew Bolt, a columnist at Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper, left a perplexing post at his column yesterday prior to taking leave. He wrote:

It’s customary to thank your readers at the end of each year. Never have I had more cause to do so than this year. Your support ... well, you can imagine how much and why. I’m extremely grateful.

I am off on holidays with my family. Some thinking will also need to be done about what I’ll do next year. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and new year.

‘Some thinking will also need to be done about what I’ll do next year’?

At worst this simply means he’s going to be spending his holidays dreaming up new ways of peddling his extreme racist fearmongering views. At best, however, it may mean that Murdoch’s new chief lackey in Australia, Kim Williams, who recently took over from retiring News Ltd. Australia CEO John Hartigan, has had enough of forking out hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover Bolt’s legal fees after being found guilty of racial discrimination. This, coupled with Murdoch trying to pull back from the image of right-wing extremist journalism after the News of the World fiasco, which ended in Murdoch closing the newspaper down, may well be the reason why Bolt needs to think about what he’ll be doing next year.

Bolt undoubtedly would have had a contract with News Ltd. And it may well be that Bolt has decided to take an offer that’s too good to refuse, hence him going without a fuss – if, indeed, he is going.

Reading through the comments to his post, some of his adoring rednecked fans and supporters are also wondering if he’ll be back. After all, among the extreme right-wing in Australia, Bolt was a hero. But after the court case and what with Murdoch struggling to convince the government that controls on the press aren’t needed, it may well be that Murdoch and Williams have decided that Bolt is too much of a liability and that he should go gracefully without a fuss and with a handsome golden handshake and a well formulated explanation for his departure. Perhaps he could write books for the Murdoch-owned HarperCollins company to publish.

So, the question is: has Bolt gone from the Herald-Sun for good? Let’s hope so. Time will tell. We can but dream.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Bolt has heavy commitments, in all mediums. Consider:

- Newspaper columnist
- MTR radio host
- Biggest online political blog in Australia
- TV program

The TV program has been backed by Ten bosses Gina Rineheart and Lachlan Murdoch who have re-affirmed their commitment:

Of the 4 mediums, probably his radio gig will be the one to go.

More time for his family, one presumes.

Damian Lataan said...

I'm sure you mean Gina Rinehart, not Rineheart, the mining billionaire.

Did I say MINING billionaire? And isn't Bolt a pro-pollutionist? No wonder she backs him!

Bolt is a racist. He needs to be shut down. It's got nothing to do with free speech as he complains; it has everything to do with the abuse of it, and his postion in the media, in order to continue peddling his particular brand of racism, Islamophobia and anti-green pro-pollutionist nonsense. The quicker he and his war and hatemongering kind are shut down the better for Australia and the world

Damian Lataan said...

If I were to make any 'analytical prediction' at all it would be based on the words he wrote himself which prompted me to write what I did in the first place - which was that he'd have to think about what he was going to do next year. As I said, that may mean that he's just going to dream up ways of how he can be an even bigger racist Islamophobic warmongering blight on the Australian landscape than he already is; or, it may mean that he has to think about what he's going to do next year on account of not being employed anymore by Murdoch. It's hardly an 'analytical prediction', more wishful thinking that reflects my 'ideological opinion'.

Anonymous said...

What hope is there for Australia 'if' its true that Bolt has the 'biggest' blog in the country.
What a depressing thought!.

All those stupid people, allowing a fool like Bolt to do their thinking for them.
This country is occupied by too many 'laid back' people that have fallen off their chairs ad gone to sleep!.
In a way we don't deserve to be a sovereign nation as we're so utterly useless.
I just hope my concerns about the likes of Bolt and his 'following' are wrong.
One thing is certain, our country is terribly divided, fractured even with irreconcilable differences.
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