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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Zionist and neoconservative rhetoric often refer to the Palestinian claim that they were expelled from Palestine in 1948 as the “Big Palestinian Lie”. Instead, the Zionists argue that, rather than being expelled from Palestine, they fled.

It is, of course, classic Zionist Chutzpah. The obvious question is; why then did they flee? It wasn’t just to escape the fighting; it was through fear of what would happen to them if they stayed. The Palestinians that fled had heard of the atrocities that the Israeli fighters had committed on Palestinians elsewhere such as at Deir Yassin, Lydda, Ein al Zeitun, among many others.

The Palestinians that left weren’t refugees from the fighting; they were expelled through fear of being killed by the Palmach, the Irgun or the Haganah forces of Zionist Israel.

The latest lie about the Palestinian expulsion came from Sol Stein writing in the neocon online rag National Review Online. This time, however, Sol Stein has exposed himself as a liar. His lie is so obvious. I have emailed him to let him know that his claims are false and why they are. This is what I said to him:

Hi Sol
In your article “The Palestinian Big Lie: The Palestinians distort the origins of the conflict with Israel” which recently appeared in National Review Online, you wrote:

“Almost immediately, Safed’s Arabs began streaming out toward the Syrian border. There were no expulsions of Arab civilians by Israeli forces.”

Yet Ben Gurion wrote in his diary on 7 June 1948:

“Abraham Hanuki, from Ayelet Hashahar, told me that since there were only 100 old people left in Safed they were expelled to Lebanon.”

How can you say there were no Arab civilians expelled by Israel? You are contradicting, not just a Palestinian claim that, indeed, there were expulsions, but a claim by Ben Gurion himself.

I look forward to your explanation.

Kind regards
Damian Lataan

Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath waiting for a response or any form of explanation because any response, other than an apology to the Palestinian people, would simply compound the Big Zionist Lie.

1 comment:

Noor al Haqiqa said...

How DARE you question this tale? Don't you realize that all the reports and the horrific photographs of the carnage of Dier Yasin are just Pallywood productions?

Gosh, you must ... anti semitic for questioning these "Zionist truths"!

I betcha feel real bad about that by now. (Can I laugh yet?)

If a Zionist writer says something is so, then it is so! They don't know how to lie, they are God's chosen, therefore can only utter the truth of things. All those sweet-faced lil old rabbis insist this is the case and would a rabbi lie?

Well, That is what Abe Foxman says and we know he is always fair in a debate, and so very balanced in his opinions.

Remember. If it is pro Palestinian, it is a product of the Pallywood Propaganda Studios. ALWAYS. Believe it or you really are a filthy anti semite!

Hey, didn't they do a lovely job of all those images of dead babies during Operation Cast Lead? They are very skilled those Ayrabbs when it comes to propaganda and media control but then, what do you expect when they own 95% of the international media?!

OK I think I am gonna gag at all of the above. However, I do believe you are wise to keep breathing whilst you await a response from Mr. Chutzpah Hasbara.