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Monday, September 12, 2011


There are so many neocons writing daily blogs in their online comic magazine Commentary these days that it’s inevitable that one neocon sooner or later was going to write something that would demonstrate the hypocrisy of their rhetoric when contrasted with something written by another neocon writer. Here’s a classic.

On Sunday, 11 September, Michael Rubin writes:

Many states will vote for unilateral Palestinian statehood at the United Nations on September 20. Let us hope they consider their votes carefully, because they will create a precedent that can impact more than a dozen other countries.

After all, if the Muslim bloc can use its population and oil leverage to extort votes of smaller countries on this issue…

‘Extort votes’??!!

Apparently, however, it’s Muslim bloc bad, but Western bloc good as Jonathan Tobin, also writing in Commentary, explains:

For decades, American aid to Egypt has been a necessary embarrassment. The $2 billion per year paid to the Egyptian dictatorship was more than the price for Cairo to adhere to its peace treaty with Israel. It was also necessary to keep the largest Arab country safely out of the hands of first the Soviet Union and then the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Though the money only enriched the military and the ruling elite, it was still considered something of a bargain.

‘Though the money only enriched the military and the ruling elite’??!!

Now, if that isn’t hypocrisy then I don’t know what is!

And America wants the rest of the world to be like them?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're attentive to more substantive issues rather than this unwanted 'diet' of what the yanks call"9/11" (which to me still reads the 9th of November- correctly!) thats been assailing us over the weekend.
Fair dunkum, I'm fed up with this wallowing self indulgence by the 'media' the pollies (ours are the worst of all, worlds biggest sycophants)and anyone else stupid enough to get on board this folly.

Personally, the whole thing has never been on my mind as its just another day where something happens in the world,(flood, war, quake etc) I don't care and I don't know anyone else who gives a stuff about it either.
I didn't watch or read anything about it over the weekend as most people have had a gutful of this 'agenda' and just don't care or listen.
Besides most people I know here in Aus and around the world think the yanks 'had it coming' anyway, such has been their unreflective behaviour over the decades, so I had a relaxing weekend (centred around sport mainly) and didn't give a stuff about it.

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Damian Lataan said...

I'm wondering, NS, once the evidence is so overwhelming about who really pulled off 9/11, how the ordinary American people, and, indeed, the people of the West generally, are going to react.

And there will come a day.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't even care who did the deed.
I know there are alternatives views extant (called conspiracies), but I've never been interested in them either!.
If it was bin laden's outfit, I don't care and it was someone else, well its just yet another dirty bit jiggery pokery they we've come to expect from the yanks or their mates.

I'm supportive of Assange and his wikileaks mates in showing the extent of the arm twisting we've all suspected (and sometimes see a fraction of) and are seeing more of from everything between spying on Australians and community groups here to making sure Nordic natiions but that 'flying turd' the F-35 fighter (thats what a lady friend I know thinks it looks like)!.
I'm just glad the 'anniversary' is over!.

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