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Monday, August 22, 2011


Neocon armchair warmonger-in-chief, ‘Mad Max’ Boot, writing in Commentary today has said:

If Libya is to arrive at the destination we would all like to see – if it is to emerge as a liberal, Western-style democracy – much hard work lies ahead.

“…the destination we would all like to see”? What about what the destination the Libyan people would like to see? After looking at the way America has performed over the last couple of centuries and seeing how it has ended up today – broke and with a dog eat dog every man for himself mentality – the last thing the Libyan people would want is a ‘liberal, Western-style democracy’ with all of the hypocrisy and arrogance that goes with it.

Boot goes on to write:

I have been arguing for awhile, it is vitally important NATO be ready to help stabilize the situation, to prevent Qaddafi’s supporters from mounting an insurgency, to keep potent weapons from slipping out of governmental control–in short to ensure Libya does not suffer the fate of Iraq or Afghanistan, which descended into chaos after the collapse of their regimes

The best way to ensure that Libya doesn’t suffer the fate of Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which were invaded and destroyed by the US and their Western allies, is for the US and the West to keep well out of Libyan affairs and let them sort it out for themselves.

Boot’s idea of ‘helping to stabilise the situation’ is to put around hundred thousand Western troops on the ground in Libya. I can just see the rebels after all they’ve been through getting rid of Gaddafi, letting in a hundred thousand Western troops to ensure that they do what they are told by the US.

He’s not called ‘Mad Max’ Boot for nothing!


Anonymous said...

This notion is absurd and won't happen as the struggle to hold Afghanistan numbers attests.

I was recently reading that the much vaunted U.S navy (invariably and repeatedly over-rated by the ill informed) is struggling in maintenance of its current ships, with rust buckets becoming the norm and even cannibalisation of parts to maintain some operational level.

Reminds me of the rapid decline in the Royal navy in the post war years which went from some 11 carriers in the early 1950's to just HMS Hermes (commando/Anti sub/Harrier carrier) and old 'Rusty B' HMS Bulwark by the end of the 1970's before the Invincible class entered service.

Doubtless the 'old boot' is just fantasising with troops entering Libya, with big cuts to the Pentagon soon to emerge as its economy flops about like a walrus trying to climb a step ladder!.

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Anonymous said...

So in the end the struggle is really about sex, drugs and pop music. It better be, that is all they will get.