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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It was only a matter of time before the Islamophobic extreme right-wing English Defense League (EDL) used the riots that originated in London but have since spread to other areas in the UK as an excuse to take to the streets themselves “to stop the riots”. According to a report in the UK Daily Telegraph, EDL leader Stephen Lennon has said that “up to 1,000 members would take to the streets in areas of unrest to stop the riots”. Lennon added that the “police obviously can’t handle it”.

One wonders how the EDL plan to “stop the riots” and, if they choose to use violence, who exactly will their violence be perpetrated against.

We were told at the beginning that these riots were race related. Later, however, it became obvious that it was much more about disenfranchisement of youth, caused by unemployment, poor living conditions, lack of opportunity, etc., than with race though there is certainly an element of racial tension involved and, indeed, the shooting that set it all off seems to have had racial connotations.

The question now is; if the unrest continues and the EDL do take to the streets to “stop the riots”, will they use it as an excuse to go after the Islamic youth in those areas that are affected and, if they do, where will it end?

Those that have spread hatred against Islam have a lot to answer for.

See here for more on this as seen through the eyes of an Australian Murdoch Islamophobic journalist.


Three Muslim men guarding their properties have been murdered in Birmingham by being run over. One man has been arrested.


Anonymous said...

"Those that have spread hatred against Islam have a lot to answer for."

Very well stated.


Anonymous said...

UK riots - inside job. EDL is very spooky.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The root cause is the rot of Americanism

From my perspective here in Australia, once can't help but notice the 'uniform' of the rioters; hoods, baseball caps and that shapeless American style clothing (usually a mask for the overweight).

I'd argue that we're seeing the logical and inevitable result of many decades of Americanism steadily eroding British cultural norms and sensibilities that culminate in the violent, ignorant and adrift tribalist that has more affinity with the U.S than their nation of birth, Britain .
Go to any outer suburb here in Aust now and you'll the same pallid louts wearing their hoodies ala' 'South Park' even when the weather is very hot, and sadly brainwashed by American 'culture' and sensibilities.
They are as far removed from Australia (or Britain) as west is from east.

The calculus of cultural decay, the broth of oblivion infailing to develop and protect our own developing culture and the stupidity of doing nothing to stop a foreign and corrosive Americanism creep in and take root here.
Our course our 'leaders' are too weak and worse, actually 'believe' in Americanism rather than their own culture!.
I'll still use the word'mate' though instead of 'buddy' thats crept in over the past year here!.

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Damian Lataan said...

G'day NS

We were mortified a few days ago when we saw an ad on the TV for some cure-all panacea for all that ails you which, we were told, was available not from 'your local chemist' but rather... wait for it... 'your local drug store'!

Couldn't believe it!


Anonymous said...


Damian, this example you cite is typical of the societal rot that exists here and most people (the silent majority) are bloody well fed up with it.
By co-incidence one the weekend I was speaking to a mate of mine at the footy about this very point as we stood watching a local match clad in jumpers and coats.

Our conclusion; Politicians and media 'Sontarans' constantly lecture the public here from the safety of television studios and offices about people's dependency on various 'bibs and bobs' they consider wrong, yet these hypocrites are the worst offenders in making Australia dependent on other nations so that be become beholden to them,such is out ineptitude in not standing up and developing out own culture, science, etc.

Thus in this vacuum, in creeps more Americanisms that undermine out own very way of life.
Now when some person says to me in passing "Thanks buddy", I now say "I didn't know that you were an American!".
It takes them aback every time! hee hee.
I now think our 'leaders' are all traitors in placing the interests of a foreign country ahead of that of their own.
Look at how Gillard is again falling over herself (and The Australian newpaper the worst offender) at the latest 'Australia-U.S leadership dialogue' here again.

I cringe at what new disasters will come out of that nonsense which is where the yanks give us our updated orders that we must obey and always do!.

Thanks for that titbit Damian and I hope your work is going well.

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Damian Lataan said...

What makes the US think that the rest of the world wants to be like them is beyond me, NS. Yet, the conservatives of the West on both sides of mainstream politics insist that we should be. Just look at the mess the US is in. Why would anyone want to be like them?!

American execeptionalism? They've got that rght, but not in the sense they would like to think they are.

The 'work' is almost finished; just weeks away now after several years at it.


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Damian, why would anyone in their right mind wish to be like the yanks?.
Exceptionally awful is the proper sentiment methinks to describe these ratbags.

Still change is coming and with the American empire in terminal decline akin to the UK in the 1950's, some quick thinking is going to be needed by the pollies very soon and our maudlin youth who still haven't woken up to the fact that the American way is rotten and dead.
Decades ago here, could you imagine youth still clinging to some retrograde 'image' or 'culture' from a dying empire?.
Would a trendy youth in the '70's for example still be dressing in 1950's garb?.
They'd be seen as the 'squares' they are I'm sure.
Similarly today, I laugh at todays youth in their baseball caps and hoods, their baggy fat hiding 'gangsta' clothes and terms from 'hip hop' ad rap etc.
Its now 2011 and isn't that 'image' a tired hangover from the last 20 years?.

Where is the new innovation instead of mindlessly copying a dying rotting corpse of Americana.

Without prejudice, think back to the drastic changes such as from punk of the mid/late '70's and the 'new romantics of the early '80' for example.

Surely this decadent American 'gangsta' style is old fashioned now since its origins in the early 1990's.
Indeed already early devotees of this style say in the mid '90's if they were 16 years old then would by now be 32 or so!.
Are these same people still going around on skateboards, dressed in hoods and baseball caps and baggy white garb?.
If so, I'll warrant they probably haven't much of a life, job and some may even be going bald to an extent!.
ha ha ha.
Its actually rather funny seeing these clots today still clinging to a dead style thats basically about 20 years old now!

The next movement I suggest won't come from the U.S and wouldn't it be good if todays youth here in Australia invented their own style to define their era!.

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Anonymous said...

The three muslim men were murdered by it was obviously the fault of white, right-wing rednecks right?

Damian Lataan said...

" it was obviously the fault of white, right-wing rednecks right?"

Wrong, moron.

It was obviously the fault of black right-wing rednecks. Racism isn't confined to white Europeans. And it isn't confined to skin colour and blood; it equally applies to the racism of religion and culture as in Islamophobia.