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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Early last month the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) published on their website a satirical puff-piece that imagined the reaction of the world-wide and domestic press after the Iranians had actually achieved what the West are accusing them of doing; building a nuclear bomb and testing it. The article is designed specifically to both satirise and taunt the West over their propaganda about Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’.

The neocons, of course, have fallen for it hook line and sinker and are proclaiming the article to be proof positive of Iran’s intention to build a bomb.

As I reported earlier this week, the neocons are also falling over themselves about the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) latest report on Iran’s nuclear program which the neocons are proclaiming is ‘overwhelming evidence’ that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. As I have shown, it actually does nothing of the sort, but the neocons are hoping that you don’t actually read the report to find that out for yourselves.

The neocons aren’t thick; they’re actually a very bright bunch of people. The problem, however, is that, not only are they bright, but that they are also extremely arrogant to the point where they think that the public are thick enough to believe everything that the neocons tell them. While one does have to wonder about the gullibility of some people, generally the neocons deceitful ways are transparent enough for most people to see through them. Then, of course, there are those who, despite knowing what’s really going on, just simply want to believe everything that the neocons and Zionists tell them because it fits in with their own world view.

But when one steps back and takes a look at the bigger picture and then takes the time to think about things, it becomes clear that there is a lot more going on in the neocons heads than a mere paranoid fear of an Iranian existential threat to Israel. Why, when you think about it, would Iran, for example, after having gone to all the effort of building a bomb, then go and destroy it in their own desert when they could let it go off in Israel’s desert if they are so desperate to destroy Israel as the neocons and Zionists would have us believe? The reason they wouldn’t, of course, is because they know that within half an hour of such an event, several of Iran’s cities would likely be turned into sheets of glass in retaliation. One wonders what makes the neocons and Zionists so arrogant that they think the Iranians are willing to sacrifice themselves and many of their fellow Middle Easterners just to get at the Israelis. As I’ve said before, there’s the rhetoric and the propaganda and then there’s the geo-political realities. The more rabid the neocons and Zionists become then the easier it is to distinguish between the two.

As I and many others have said before, there is not a skerrick of any hard evidence whatsoever to even suggest that Iran is building a nuclear weapon or has a nuclear weapons program.

The whole issue of Iran’s so-called ‘nuclear weapons program’ is simply a propaganda ploy by the neocons and Zionists to get world public opinion to support an attack against Iran in order to allow Israel to confront and then destroy Iran’s allies, Hamas and Hezbollah, who stand in the way of the Zionist dream of creating a Greater Israel.


Anonymous said...

Damian mate,

Just a question to ponder;

Could it be possible that the reason the 'nutters' you describe are resorting to increasingly extreme lengths is becasue they simply aren't succeeding as most people simply aren't listening to them?.

In effect the game is up, people have given up listening to these ratbags and have turned to other things, leaving the ratbags shunned and isolated as discredited they mutter like the pitiful madman we ocasionally see in the streets that we try not to notice...

I see a lot of this behaviour running the gamut of the American empire nowadays.
Reminds me a lot of England post WW2 trying to cling on to past glories while the cupboard was bare...or rapidly being depleted at least.

Thanks for your analysis mate

Nylon Shirt

Damian Lataan said...

G'day NS
I think you're right; most folk can still see right through what they're up to but unfortunately most folk have little power to do much about it.

When these neocons write they are addressing themselves to people in power and they're the ones that make the decisions that lead to war. We've already seen how influential the neocons are and the kind of support they have.

I might be pushing the proverbial uphill in trying to counter their nonsense but no one can say that I didn't make an effort. I no one says anything, then they'll get away with murder - literally.


PS My apologies for not always being able to respond to your comments, NS.

Anonymous said...


No worries mate, life is more hectic it seems in this 'information age'- less time to correspond due to too much clutter.

I take your point about the neocon ratbags 'audience' (those with power over war decisions), but I still wonder even if they badger the pollies and press, can they still get away with it after being discredited over Iraq for example?.
This dreadful war has now become a counter example that will be forever dragged up in the future that negates the arguments promulgated by the WW1 (entangled alliances dragging in the unwilling), WW2 (appeasement) and other dubious reasons put forward by warmongers.

The future arguement will be " Well we listened to you ratbags over Iraq and we all got that wrong and failed utterly asa result, so why should we believe you again?.

Powerful stuff and the more we learn about other falsehoods (Gulf of Tonkin)-Vietnam and the public become aware of these lies then the better.

Thus although I share your disquiet about these neocon ratbags, I'm actually less concerned now as surely they and their mates are discredited with their influence on the wane, hence their increasingly strident cries to get attention as really, no-one's listening!.

I'll never forget Frank Gaffney on 'Lateline' just a few years ago when asked about the mythical WMD's was rabbitting by this time about chemical weapons in perfume bottles to be distriuted onto unsuspecting western ladies.....

Yes Mr Gaffney, the chaps in the white coats are here now...... heh heh.

cheers mate,

Nylon Shirt.

PS. Any more in your series about dispelled myths coming up?.
I quite liked the Aust-U.S alliance and WW2, Japan etc.