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Friday, April 08, 2011


It’s interesting that historian Robert Manne should liken the Islamophobic racist Greg Sheridan to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher and his Der Stürmer hate newspaper of the Nazi era. Contrary to the opinion of Gerard Henderson of the right-wing Sydney Institute who thinks such comparisons to Nazi propaganda are inappropriate, considering the circumstances of today’s modern Islamophobic and racist propaganda, such comparisons are very much appropriate. Whereas Streicher’s paper specialised in demonising Jews, Greg Sheridan and Andrew Bolt, as well as others, specialise in demonising both Aboriginal people and Islam in their respective newspapers, The Australian and the Herald Sun – both of which happen to be owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Julius Streicher was a low-life Nazi Jew-hater whose diatribes about Jews were often so disgusting they even offended fellow Nazis. Streicher was eventually hung at Nuremberg after being found guilty of crimes against humanity. But, it seems, extreme right-wing racists have not learnt from the lessons of the Nazi era. Again, racists are using newspapers to spread hatred and fear. And now it’s not just newspapers that are being used; Andrew Bolt has just been given a Sunday morning time slot on Australian Channel Ten TV.

Like Streicher, Andrew Bolt is a low-life Muslim and Aborigine hater whose diatribes about Aborigines and Muslims as well as other non-white Australians generally are also offensive even to other right-wing Australians. Greg Sheridan has come out with his racist agenda and has now also placed himself in the ranks of low-life Muslim haters when he wrote his lengthy diatribe last Saturday in The Australian.

Like the era of anti-Semitism during the last century, so Islamophobia and racism against non-whites is a threat to the future of the world. If the racist and Islamophobic hatreds peddled by the likes of Sheridan and Bolt are not stopped then the world has no more to look forward to than it did in those dark days that culminated in the deaths of millions in the middle of the last century.

These people are using the rhetoric of ‘the right to free speech’ to deprive people of their freedoms and rights – just as the likes of Julius Streicher did back in the 1930s.

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Anonymous said...

I can't take Sheridan seriously as he's now more American than Australian, defending his masters to the hilt, spouting propaganda and slagging off anyone who dares question his masters and their agendas.
I question his patriotism (spoken without the strangulated 'a') and think he sold out long ago (like his paymaster Murdoch) to be an American and thus he can't be taken seriously.

I'm still annoyed how every new political leader here immediately travels to the U.S to pay homage to the empire and to assure them (and Murdoch the propagandist in chief) that Australia won't change under their 'leadership'.
Gillard and Rudd are no different to Howard before them.
Plus we have the willing sycophants like Arbib, Loosely etc all lining up to enter the U.S embassy in Canberra and tell them everything they think will please their masters, then we must accept the fact that Australia isn't really free nor independent.
I'm ashamed to be an Australian and like most now, don't believe in anything, much less what they all say.
Disgruntled like most, I just look after my family and I (and my mates).
We're run by fools who are useless as a chocolate radiator cap!.

You should hear all the grumbles ever time we meet for the MG enthusiasts on weekends from time to time!.

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