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Sunday, April 03, 2011


Richard Goldstone, author of the 500 page plus Goldstone Report into the Israeli onslaught against the Gazan people in ‘Operation Cast Lead’ in 2008/2009 has done a complete back flip of his findings as presented in his report. In an op-ed that appeared in Friday 1 April edition of the Washington Post, Goldstone tells readers that he has changed his mind completely about the culpability of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in relation to war crimes the Goldstone Report had accused them of during Operation Cast Lead. He claims that, had he known what he knows now, he would not have made any such accusations against the IDF. It seems, however, that the knowledge he now has which has caused him to change his mind is the reports of the various investigations into Operation Cast Lead that were carried out by the Israelis. The question now is; to what extent can the findings of a government and its various institutions investigating itself be trusted when it comes to making decisions about whether that government and its institutions have committed war crimes. Certainly, it would seem obvious, especially with a nation like Zionist Israel that has a history of not being able to be honest, the credibility of any findings its commissions of inquiry come up with are likely to be highly suspect. So, one needs to ask, why has Goldstone done this complete about face? The tone of his op-ed is a clue. It is no longer neutral as one might expect of a retired senior judge. He almost fawns over the new-found epiphany of Israeli righteousness during Cast Lead while at the same time blatantly proclaims that Hamas are guilty of war crimes through intent. He does this without even considering the possibility that Israel, who knew that their citizens would be in harms way in the event of another attack in that region, made no attempt to move their citizens out of harms way thus effectively using them as human shields without their permission. At the time of publishing his report, Goldstone was equally assertive about the guilt of the Israelis yet now we have this complete one-eighty degree turnaround. Why? Why has his turnaround been so drastic? Could it be that he’s been got at? Has he been paid off? I doubt it but who knows. Has he or his family been threatened? This is far more likely; Israel is historically renowned for its assassination of its enemies. Could that extend to those that upset Israel’s ‘reputation’? I guess we’ll never know but one can rest assured that there is nothing genuine about Goldstone’s turnaround.


A13 said...

Hi Damian,
Apparently he approached the NYtimes and they told him to "go away" about this turn aound of his initial report.,7340,L-4051762,00.html

"Source close to South African judge claims he initially approached liberal publication to print his letter of regret – and was rejected. New York Times says in response it does not comment on editorial process "

so, then he goes to the WP..interesting.

I would say he has been threatened, as a retired "judge" would have quite a healthy retirement savings plan i would say.
but anyway, it is disgusting and unprofessional to recind such a report publically in the press.

I did a post on this today here:

many regards to you, from a fellow aussie.
cheers A13

Damian Lataan said...

Hi A13

Sorry I took a while to get bck to you.
You're right; I don't think money is behind it, but I think threats of some sort have definitely been made.
It seems, however, that his change of heart has made no difference as far as the UN and most reasonable thinking people are concerned.


Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

apparantly drone photo's showing Hamas fighters going into the Al Samoud(??Spelling) house carrying RPG's have caused the turn around. . .You can bet your arse that if such photos existed they would've been released as soon as talk of adverse findings reached the israelis ears. we would've seen mark regev (aka rodentus australis expatus) waving them round months ago. He's been told by the jewish diaspora in S.A. that he and his family would be coated and he wimped out big time.

AS you say, the UN and people with at least half a working brain can work it out.