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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Doesn’t anyone get it yet? Surely by now the world can see how farcical the so-called Palestinian statehood talks are and that the Zionists of Israel and their neoconservative supporters are never going to allow a proper sovereign Palestinian state exist.

Talks between Netanyahu and Abbas have now effectively come to an end and, even if they are revived, they are still likely to come to nothing. Netanyahu has refused so far to extend the freeze on settlement building in the West Bank, and, even if he did, it was only going to be for a couple of months.

What the Palestinians want is not a ‘settlement building freeze’ but for the Israelis in the West Bank to leave the West Bank for good. They also want them to take their wall and fence with them and, if they still feel the need to have their walls and fences, to put them on their side of the 1967 line and not on Palestinian land. But we all know that none of this is ever going to happen.

Israel is just treading water waiting for an opportunity to kick off a war against Iran that will provide them with an excuse to launch a wholesale assault on the Gaza Strip, south Lebanon and the full occupation of the West Bank on the pretext that they are acting to prevent retaliatory strikes against Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas.

Since Iran will not be attacking Israel and it is clear that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, despite the continuing rhetoric and relentless propaganda, Israel will now have to rely on somehow provoking Hamas and/or Hezbollah into war which they will hope escalates to include Iran and the US. As in 2006 when Israel provoked Hezbollah by launching mock air-raids over Lebanon which resulted in Hezbollah launching rockets against Israel, so Israel today is attempting to provoke Hamas into retaliation by flying mock air-raids over the Gaza Strip. These air-raids are barely being reported in the Western mainstream media though it can be guaranteed that if and when Hamas do retaliate, the Western world will quickly hear about it. By continuing their almost daily military jet overflights of both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip the Israelis hope to provoke Hezbollah and Hamas into responding thus providing Israel with the excuse they need to begin their war. Once war against Hezbollah has begun, Israel will then be seeking an excuse to attack Iran and the first rocket lobbed against Israel by either Hamas or Hezbollah with ‘Made in Iran’ written on it will likely provide that excuse. Once Israel attacks Iran the US will have little choice but to support Israel since Israel does not have the wherewithal to take on Iran fully and prevail. Israel will need the US to destroy Iran’s ability to strike Israel and induce regime change in Iran.

Such a war against Iran will be so horrendous that it is likely to distract the world’s attention from Israel’s aggression against Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and possibly Syria.

Once such a war starts – and just about anything can trigger it – the situation could well escalate very quickly and before the world knows it, we could find ourselves facing world war.

There is only one way in which this disaster can be avoided and that is for the entire world to demand that Israel and Palestine become one nation where Jews and Arabs alike live as equals in a state that extends from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to the Jordan River in the East, and from the Lebanon border in the North to the Sinai in the south. Those Jews and Arabs that cannot bring themselves to go along with this arrangement should then consider finding elsewhere to live. There must be right of return and there must be a process of reconciliation Jews and Arabs have managed to live together in relative peace before and there is no real reason with the help of the rest of the world why it cannot be done again.

The One State Solution is now clearly the only solution. The alternative is too horrific to contemplate.


traducteur said...

that Israel and Palestine become one nation where Jews and Arabs alike live as equals in a state that extends from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to the Jordan River in the East, and from the Lebanon border in the North to the Sinai in the south

Your view does you credit, Damian, but the blood-soaked history of the Zionists shows that those partisans of mass theft and genocide are not interested in any kind of just or peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Damian Lataan said...

I know Trad, but at least no one can say we didn't aspire to it.