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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Is it just a coincidence that the three men responsible for leading their respective countries in to committing the Twenty-First century’s first major war crimes are publishing their memoirs within just a few months of each other?

Tony Blair, who led the UK into an illegal war based on fabrications and lies and against the overwhelming wishes of the British people, released his self-aggrandising book, ‘Tony Blair: A Journey’, last month. On 1 November the just as egotistical John Howard, Australia’s ex-Prime Minister who took Australia to war also against the overwhelming wishes of his people and based on the same fabrications and lies, will be releasing his book, ‘Lazarus Rising’; while a bit over a week later, on 9 November, ex-President George W. Bush who led the ‘coalition of the willing’ into an unprovoked attack against the people of a sovereign nation will be releasing his memoir, ‘Decision Points’.

These three leaders were the criminals that led their nations and the Western world into an unprovoked attack against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq – wars that were planned long before 9/11 took place. None of these warcriminals have shown any sign of regret that so many lives have been lost and ruined as a direct result of their lies and actions.

John Howard’s ‘Lazarus Rising’ is the next memoir out of the blocks. The book is being published by the Rupert Murdoch-owned HarperCollins publishing house. There should be no surprises there; after all John Howard entertained Rupert Murdoch for dinner in Washington on Monday, 10 September 2001, the very eve of 9/11 itself, and Murdoch has been a staunch supporter of Howard and his conservative policies ever since.

Not so well known is Murdoch’s relationship with Blair which goes back to 1995, a relationship that was instigated by the influential Jewish-American neoconservative economist and writer Irwin Stelzer. In 1997, just a month before the UK general election which brought Blair to power, Murdoch ordered the ‘Sun’ newspaper to switch its support from the conservatives, who the ‘Sun’ had supported for some two decades, to Blair and his New Labour. In all subsequent general elections in the UK in which Blair led the Labour party, Murdoch’s ‘Sun’ newspaper has supported the Labour party. Since Blair’s departure, however, Murdoch has ordered the ‘Sun’ to revert its support to the conservatives.

Just as we have seen the three leaders take their respective nations to war based on the lies that originated from the neoconservatives, will we be treated to the same lies from each of them explaining the failures of their wars? It’ll be interesting to compare the detail of each of their explanations.

The devil is in the detail.

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